1 million 760 thousand women buy second-hand Porsche no transfer deducted 12 points in Beijing sunny came home

Woman 1 million 760 thousand to buy second-hand Porsche did not transfer it deducted 12 points – Beijing, Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Shi Suoyu reporter Ji Jun Wan Lingyun) spent 1 million 760 thousand yuan to buy the Porsche luxury car, no transfer, owners will be deducted 12 points, what happened? Yesterday, Zhenjiang Dantu police department, November 2nd, Su Ping (a pseudonym) with a "Porsche", came to Zhenjiang city vehicle administration vehicle licensing business, but the police told Su Ping the vehicle compulsory insurance policy is false, unable to handle business, vehicle temporary license plate has expired. Su Ping told police that the car Porsche is a second-hand car in Zhejiang intermediary, spent 1 million 760 thousand to buy. And, he had come to Zhenjiang city vehicle administration to transfer, but because the vehicle was returned to do the original policy expired. After that, she contacted the person selling the car, the other asked to pay 2000 yuan. After pay, a new car dealers who send the policy to Su ping. Let Su Ping never imagined that they even sent a false policy, in the course of contacts between the provisional license has expired. 12 days, Dantu Traffic Police Brigade responsible person told the reporter, because of the "temporary plate Porsche" over the period of a day, the afternoon of November 11th, Su Ping came to Dantu Traffic Police Brigade police handling. According to relevant laws and regulations, the police made a record of 12 points to Su Ping, fined $200 penalty. Embarrassment is that after the Ping Ping has spent 4500 yuan in Jurong to buy a new car insurance, the same day the vehicle was successfully registered. Now, because once was deducted 12 points, the vehicle formalities are complete, but Su Ping temporarily cannot drive. Dantu traffic police department responsible person said, in the process of punishment, Su Ping said he blindly believe that illegal intermediary, imperceptibly become a victim, make false molecules profitable, very regret. Police tip: false policy is not subject to legal protection, while the event of accidents and accidents, will not be able to obtain a normal claim. Therefore, the majority of owners in the handling of such services, must be careful to stay away from all kinds of illegal intermediaries.相关的主题文章: