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1 road 725 road line Qibao can transfer 9, line 12 – land – Shanghai Locke net?? day ago, Shanghai enabled Huixiong bus hub station, Minhang 20 road, 772 Road, 2 Pujiang Road extension settled, this will greatly facilitate the Minhang Lu Hui in the tens of thousands of residents around the travel. The bus 1 road, 725 road adjustment route, thus meet the seven qishenlu residents transfer rail line 9, line 12 of the travel demand,?? along with the increasing of Lu Road Huixiong road surrounding residents, residents travel inconvenience problems. Hui Road bus terminal finally opened in a timely manner, residents can take a number of bus lines in a site. At the same time, the south bus company visited the field, fully listen to the nearby town, the views of residents, the bus line to the site settings for detailed consideration, the final decision on the 3 lines to be adjusted accordingly. Among them, the original route 20, Minhang route to Xhenzhuang to extend to the junction of the road station to Xhenzhuang. Considering the line during the morning rush hour traffic is large, so take the interval U-turn car diversification operation mode, reasonable diversion line capacity. ?? In addition, the 772 route the original line of Lu Hui to Luheng road hub, extending to the Huixiong road junction to Luheng Road station; Pujiang Route 2 original line Luhui inside and outside the circle line adjustment Huixiong road hub outer ring ring. After the extension of the line, filling the original Swiss and city streets around the bus blank point. ?? In recent years, with the rapid development of Minhang Qibao area, seven qishenlu collection of large residential areas, commercial buildings, shopping malls, tourist attractions, sports parks and recreational facilities, has become a core of main road in Minhang District. In order to meet the residents along the seven Xin Road, especially near the Garden Road business building white-collar transfer rail line 9, line 12 of the travel demand, in 28, 1 road, 725 Road, Qibao bus route adjustment. ?? The adjusted 1 terminals for Shanghai Qibao Road Star Road (Shunheng Plaza) – Xiuwen Road Park Road, new road in China Spring Road (BI), Gu Dai Road Luxiu (BI), Xiuwen road three Garden Road site, after the adjustment of the line at the end of last longer than before 1.5 hour. 725 road will end point station extended to Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Liuzhou road is Qinzhou Road, Liuzhou Road (uplink one-way) Qinzhou Road, Qinzhou Road (uplink unidirectional) Guilin Road four sites, and revocation of Liuzhou Road, Pu Road Guilin Road Guilin East (up two sites to single). ?? Rail transfer carefully?? 1 passengers in Qibao Road Gu Dai Luxiu Road Station transfer rail line 12 (seven Xin Road Station); to transfer rail line 9 (Qibao station) get off at Qibao station. The original Pu Road Liuzhou Road station near the end point for 725 to take the road, walk to Liuzhou Road (Qinzhou Road station and 703 road B line and station); the original Guilin Road Guilin east station in the vicinity of the public may be in the Guilin Road station (Qinzhou road and 732 road and take the 725 Road Station).  : Important Tips: this page content, designed to meet the needs of the majority of users to collect information provided, not advertising service information. The content contained in the page does not represent the views or opinions of the site, only for reference and reference;相关的主题文章: