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Wei Li billion pre bid 10 million 800 thousand battery procurement project – Sohu securities panorama news network February 5th Wei Li billion (300014) on Friday afternoon announcement that the company recently identified 2015 annual branch of the fourth batch of lithium iron phosphate battery procurement project for Chinese tower Limited by Share Ltd in Guangdong Province, the successful bidder, the project is expected to amount to 10 million 800 thousand yuan. The company once again won the bid in the field of communication power, marking the company’s competitive power in the communications power market competition further strengthened, and has a positive impact on the development of the company’s energy storage business. The success of this project does not have a significant impact on the company’s operating performance this year, and the performance of the project does not affect the independence of the company’s business. The company also said that the above winning project has not yet signed a formal contract, the contract signing, the amount of the contract and the terms of the contract and other uncertainties, the specific content of the project to the final signing of the contract is prevail. The company will fulfill the obligation of information disclosure in accordance with the signing of the contract. (Panorama) cninfo-new disclosure SZSE bulletin_detail true 1201974013? AnnounceTime=2016-02-05%2011:39 Author: Li Jie

亿纬锂能预中标1080万电池采购项目-搜狐证券   全景网2月5日讯 亿纬锂能(300014)周五午间公告称,公司近日被确定为中国铁塔股份有限公司广东省分公司2015年度第四批磷酸铁锂蓄电池采购项目的中标单位,预计中标项目金额为1080万元。  亿纬锂能称,公司再一次在通信电源领域中标,标志着公司在通信电源市场的竞 相关公司股票走势 争力进一步加强,对公司储能业务的发展产生积极的影响。 本次项目中标对公司本年度经营业绩不产生重大影响,项目的履行不影响公司业务的独立性。  公司还表示,以上中标项目尚未签订正式合同,合同签订、合同金额以及合同条款等存在不确定性,项目具体内容以最终签署的合同为准。公司将根据合同签订情况及时履行信息披露义务。(全景网)   cninfo-new disclosure szse bulletin_detail true 1201974013?announceTime=2016-02-05%2011:39  作者:李洁相关的主题文章: