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13 tobacco control ineffective restaurant chain was interviewed in Beijing – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, November 1 (reporter Mao Weihao) 1 days, Qingfeng baozi Pu, Meizhou Dongpo 13 tobacco control ineffective restaurant chain by the Beijing city health authority interviewed. Beijing is actively studying, intends to be investigated units and individuals into the integrity system blacklist". Restaurants in Beijing city tobacco control interviews will be held 1, the Beijing Municipal Health Authority interviewed Dayali, golden hand spoon, Meizhou Dongpo, sea fishing, barbecue hut, Jin Dingxuan, Qingfeng baozi Pu 13 tobacco control ineffective restaurant chain. These companies have accumulated more than 5 complaints, the highest number of complaints amounted to 48 times. Next week, supervisors and volunteers will conduct surprise checks to be interviewed enterprises, such as the discovery of rectification, will be punished in accordance with the tobacco control ordinance. Beijing City Health Authority Deputy Director Wang Benjin said, "the implementation of more than a year Beijing Smoking Control Ordinance", smoking in indoor public places smoking places reduced obviously, inspection qualified rate increased from 77% to 93%, but the restaurant, office and entertainment is still the people most concerned, the most complaints of "disaster", "eat, drink, the toilet is smoking three" difficult. "." Beijing is the big data for tobacco control. Beijing City Association of smoking control database "tobacco control map" shows that since September 2015, 7603 times in the masses of complaints received in 2556, about 42% for restaurant complaints. Complaints were reported more than 5 units, will be flashing red light on the map." Zhang Jianshu, President of Beijing tobacco control association. According to Wang Benjin introduction, to supervise and promote the various places to implement the main responsibility, Beijing city adhere to the monthly exposure punishment unit, and the object belongs to the administrative supervision units or individuals, as clues alleged violation of administrative discipline problems reported to the supervision department. Since 16 months of law enforcement, Beijing, a total of 575 units of supervision and punishment, a total of 2300 passengers. The next step, Beijing will be punished units and individuals into the credit system "blacklist".相关的主题文章: