14 candidates for the college entrance examination in Hainan household registration fraud crimes inv-shiyang

14 candidates for the college entrance examination in Hainan household registration fraud involving police checked convicted Henan parents spent 1 million 900 thousand fraud 14 police collusion Ledong "airborne" candidates without landing in our province during the college entrance examination in 2014, the number of students eligible to be canceled during the 2014 college entrance examination, Ledong Li Autonomous County canceled 14 Henan students in Hainan college entrance examination qualifications. The 14 students of Hainan household registration fraud was discovered and was canceled, then across the two provinces of Henan police Joan "joint" household registration fraud insider exposure, Ledong Public Security Bureau deputy director and a household registration police involved. At present, the Oriental City Court has ruled on the case of fake hukou, the household registration police, 3 people convicted of referrals. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter He Huirong going on account of the 14 students how to change the date that the 2014 college entrance examination registration qualification period, the Department of Education found Ledong 14 students in national middle school account does not exist, does not have the qualification of college entrance examination in Hainan. Subsequently, the audit staff will feedback to the national middle school, and notify the 14 students submitted the 14 students and their parents in Ledong residence certificate, account of this and the original identity card account, identity card and a copy of the material for the national middle school. At the beginning of April 2014 one morning, when he was vice president of Hu Moubin middle school music in the materials of these 14 students submitted to high admissions. This time, some of the original registration date of this account and after August 31, 2011, less than 3 years, limited to voluntary reporting. Hu Moubin know this situation, the 14 students will take back the original account. In the afternoon, Hu Moubin and several of these accounts will be handed over, this time all accounts have changed the date of the date before August 31, 2011. Audit staff will be the 14 students and their parents residence certificate, account of this and the original identity card, residence booklet and a copy of ID card and other materials to the high Zhaoban responsible person. Ledong admissions will be responsible for these materials delivered to the Public Security Bureau Ledong household stocks review, the Bureau of household stocks of the L4 students and their parents of the original Hukou and ID card detained. The reason is that the parents of these 14 accounts are false accounts, has been canceled. Subsequently, 14 students were canceled college entrance examination qualifications. 14 parents spend a lot of money spent more than 190 students in Hainan senior high school entrance examination after the return to Henan to study the same college entrance examination scores, in Hainan can apply for better schools. Therefore, when I heard Zhang (female, aged 62, Henan) engaged in an intermediary in Hainan, Ms. Dong heart. Zhang told Ms. Dong, as long as the account falls in Hainan for six years will be able to participate in the college entrance examination in Hainan. Zhang has a brother in Hainan, Ms. dong thought no problem, they have handed Zhang 160 thousand yuan. In 2011, Zhang took his daughter to Hainan to participate in the senior high school entrance examination, the daughter was later admitted to Ledong national middle school. But in fact, the daughter of high school in Henan. In 2014, when the college entrance examination, the child’s account checked out is false, Ms. Dong and other parents went to Hainan to find Zhang, want to clear the relationship, but finally failed. .相关的主题文章: