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16 army brigade leadership in driving new vehicles cold shock – Sohu charge Private Military Channel winter Songhua River, the cold wind howling, aqichengshuang. At dawn, the army sixteenth army brigade of the 8 members of the Standing Committee is divided by 3 chariots, roaring across the vast expanse of snow wild, plough layers of whitecaps. As the car number 1 striker brigade was staring at the pay culture periscope, skillfully adjust vehicle weapons…… No matter how the reform is changed, the army’s thought of preparing for war can not be loose, and the strength of the army’s struggle for war and war can not be reduced, and military training centering on enhancing combat effectiveness must always hold firmly." In the new year will be deployed on the training, the brigade party believes that winter is a good time to temper the test of combat troops, leading cadres should play the key minority the leading role in the training field, the officers and soldiers to support reform, support for reform, to join the reform action more. It is reported that this year’s winter training, the brigade not only the usual established member of the Standing Committee of the first class, started training the first gun, launched the first car, a few more members of the Standing Committee to fighters to participate in the real confrontation exercise and long-distance camping in the tour, and the soldiers climbed icy snow, against the cold. Step six. Sergeant Li Heng told reporters: "the wild winter road smooth, the vehicle driving risk factor is high. The brigade leadership driving new allotment of chariots inspired you to lead the charge, the courage to take risk of tough bloody tiger!" Drill all the way smoke. At noon, the simulation of the brigade political commissar of the "enemy" by electromagnetic interference, but this time the command module communication system suddenly "strike", no instructions not received, he would have been the "dumplings". These days, the leaders of the communications command have been calm, first open the emergency plan, command the army to change the channel to avoid interference, and then to the support of the electronic warfare unit grouping for anti interference and electromagnetic suppression, and soon reversed the passive situation. Nearly 3 hours of fierce battle, the cold weather will -35 C. he took the hands red with cold communication equipment. As night fell, the soldiers camped in the ground. The political department leaders with two battalion commander with the flashlight light, to detect and record strict in demands on the technical parameters of a certain type of equipment in the cold. He said: "extreme cold conditions are the best opportunity to acquire new equipment combat data."." It is understood that at the beginning of winter, the brigade had tested more than 10 for in new tactics and new training methods, continuous completed a series of high risk and high degree of difficulty of training courses, training troops increasingly high enthusiasm. Four PVT. Xiao Ming said: "this has led us to lead the charge, peel off the meat is also sweet heart!"

16军某旅领导严寒率先驾新战车冲锋 列兵受震撼-搜狐军事频道  冬日的松花江畔,寒风瑟瑟,呵气成霜。天刚蒙蒙亮,陆军第16集团军某旅8名常委就分乘3辆战车,呼啸掠过茫茫雪野,犁起层层白浪。担任1号车射手的该旅旅长付文化凝神盯着潜望镜,熟练地调整车载武器……   “无论改革怎么改,部队备战打仗的思想不能松,军人谋战务战的劲头不能减,围绕提升战斗力的军事训练必须始终紧抓不放。”在新年度训练部署会上,该旅党委认为,冬训是砥砺检验部队战斗力的好时机,应在冬训场上发挥好领导干部这个“关键少数”的带头作用,使官兵拥护改革、支持改革、投身改革的行动更加自觉。   据悉,今年冬训,该旅不仅像往年一样组建了常委第一班,打响开训第一枪、发动第一车,几名常委更以战斗员的身份参与到实兵对抗演练和长途野营拉练中,和官兵一起爬冰卧雪,迎战寒流。装步六连中士李恒告诉笔者:“冬季野外道路光滑,对车辆驾驶来说危险系数很高。由旅领导驾驶新配发的战车带头冲锋,激发了大家敢于涉险克难的血性虎气!”   一路演练一路硝烟。正午时分,该旅政委所在的模拟红军遭“敌”电磁干扰,不料此时指挥方舱通信系统却突然“罢工”,指令发不出收不到,眼看就要被蓝军“包饺子”。这些天一直在钻研通信指挥课题的旅领导镇定自若,先是开启应急预案,指挥部队调换频道躲过干扰,随即又将前来支援的电子对抗分队编组进行反干扰和电磁压制,很快扭转了被动局势。近3个小时鏖战,-35℃的严寒天气将他拿着通信设备的双手冻得通红。   夜幕降临,战士们就地宿营歇息。政治部领导带着两名营长借助手电光亮,一丝不苟地对某型装备在严寒下的技术参数进行检测和记录。他说:“极寒条件正是采集新装备作战数据的绝佳契机。”   据了解,冬训伊始,该旅就验证了10余条适合寒区的新战法、新训法,连续完成了一系列危险性高、难度系数大的训练课目,部队练兵热情愈发高涨。四连列兵肖明这样感慨:“有领导带头冲锋,我们就是掉皮掉肉心也甘!”相关的主题文章: