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Part of the "2016 Audi Innovation Lab contest of artificial intelligence is checking record so that the machine has a kind of ability, this ability can make the machine ability infinitely close to people, like people to see things, what make the feedback action of artificial intelligence, this is what we call." – Jun linked capital executive director Fan Qihui so the definition of artificial intelligence for the good imagination, become the real innovation. Sponsored by Audi fourth Audi Innovation Lab "contest held the knockout stage of the exciting race in Beijing recently, northern light venture capital, innovation works, Gobi venture, forright capital, IDG capital, Jun linked capital, Audi capital joint assessment team composed of linear, with the most professional vision of the industry and investment experience, the development potential of each commercial project. Audi Innovation Lab contest every year since 2013 held, to find the car and its related fields of quality projects, from the Audi brand and VC resources to support its rapid growth to help start-ups. So far, Audi innovation laboratory received a total of about 4500 start-up companies to submit innovative programs, this year’s competition focused on big data, mobile travel and artificial intelligence and other fields. The AI (artificial intelligence auto parts or service innovation) group roadshow exceptionally brilliant, micro Vidoo, Qingdao Zhonghai, Huizhi radish, Amy robot, car speed sense technology, Bot projects Auto firepower, and professional assessment of you come to me, more like a car industry innovation seminar.                    相关的主题文章: