2016 International Auto Finance Forum officially launched-superrecovery

The 2016 international automobile financial forum registration officially start with insight into the trend of record to win the future "as the theme of the automobile finance industry Festival" 2016 Anting International Automobile Financial Forum "will be held September 22nd -23, held in Shanghai Yingyi Crowne Plaza Hotel. As the most influential industry forum, the 2016 Anting International Automotive Finance Forum is currently actively preparing for the forum’s investment and registration work has been started. It is understood that with the surging momentum for the development of the industry, the 2016 Anting International Automotive Finance Forum by the Shanghai automobile finance Hong Kong, capital (Chinese) sponsored Jianyuan Leasing Co., Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee of automobile industry committee, Chinese Automobile Dealers Association, Chinese Auto Industry Association support. Anting International Automobile Financial Forum has been successfully held two sessions, to actively promote the development of China automobile financial industry, is the focus on automotive financial sector’s largest and highest level, covering automotive professional high-end industry chain most complete financial summit. According to the central bank released the 2015 annual China Automotive Finance Company industry development report statistics show that in 2015 China’s auto finance market size of more than 700 billion, automotive financial penetration has exceeded 20%. Moreover, the market is still expanding at an annual rate of 25%. In this forum, Hong Kong, Shanghai automobile finance capital Jianyuan will join the industry elite, in the perspective of hot industry globalization, insight into the effects of Fintech on the automotive industry and development, the development of UBER, China, drops and other travel platform for automobile finance application role in the birth of investment opportunities, analysis of 2016 and 2017, the automotive industry, the status quo the economic analysis of sharing platform of each big automobile group injection of car. In addition, the 2016 Anting International Automotive Finance Forum will join the famous international consulting agency Roland Begg jointly issued the "2016 Chinese automobile financial report", pointed out the future development trend of the industry, add new impetus to the development of auto finance industry. Registration, investment work to start the 2016 Anting International Auto Finance Forum held, will help promote the opening of the city, improve the financial deepening of the automotive industry, stimulating the development of the automotive industry. Through the transformation of the strong support of traditional business, can provide more effective support for the new business model, at the same time with the auto financial integration of all resources, promote the industry organization healthy competition, help the future China auto finance industry out of a stable, healthy and growing road, all the focus of attention of the industry location. At the same time, as a famous Chinese, can promote industrial development authority ceremony, held the 2016 Anting International Automotive Finance Forum will provide the guarantee for the China automobile financial industry’s healthy development, and have a great role in promoting to build Chinese automobile financial industry "Davos". At present, the 2016 Anting International Automotive Finance Forum is actively preparing for, according to organizers Jianyuan capital of the relevant person in charge, the forum registration time is from August 20th to September 15th, welcome to OEM, car dealer group, auto finance companies, insurance companies, car warranty companies, banks and other financial institutions (trust and information.相关的主题文章: