22 companies finance the most convenient just do not earn revenue zero.-synnex

22 companies finance the most convenient: just do not earn zero revenue sources: Interpretation of new three new board disclosure season coming to an end, as of August 29th, there are 8370 listed companies to complete the report released. 6152 profit, Qilu bank ranked the first profit, net profit of 818 million yuan recorded; 2218 in losses, and the loss of the most large car into China, the first half net loss of 2 billion 379 million yuan. However, regardless of profit or loss, these companies are still operating normally. Magic is the first half of the new board has 22 completely (see schedule not open at the end of the paper), operating income of 0, small Treasuries not only into a whole, eating capital or government subsidies. Pit father! Son lost, leaving 78 year old father and most difficult due to poor management, resulting in different business risk of the company, ST Sainuoda tragedy full two years ago from the controlling shareholder’s gone and there are more tragedies, the father founded the company not only ruined, even at the age of 78 to clean up the mess left by the son. ST Sainuoda disclosed the August 24th operating income was 0 in the report, also sponsored by brokerage Founder Securities issued a risk warning, ST Sainuoda is half a year is not open, because the controlling shareholder of the company Liu Chunyi whereabouts are unknown, but can only stop business. ST Sainuoda full name of "Tianjin city Sainuoda intelligent technology Limited by Share Ltd", by Liu Chunyi’s father Liu Jiaxiang 2008 invested one hundred thousand block was established, the company mainly engaged in software development consulting services, system integration and professional field of intelligent system design. Liu Jiaxiang was born in 1938, the company was founded in seventy years of age. After four years of development, in September 2012 Limited registered capital increased to $10 million 500 thousand, Liu Chunyi capital increase of $7 million to become the controlling shareholder of the company, accounting for 66.68% of the total share capital. ST Sainuoda June 2013 landed three new board listed on the new board, but only more than a year in October 10, 2014, Liu haruyoshi was found lost, and the details about the loss of reason has not disclosed. Since ST Sainuoda business full stop, the same year the annual report was dystocia, final financial report audited agencies issued a negative opinion, companies have been wearing a hat ST. Liu Chunyi lost contact after ST Sainuoda the key technical staff and executives continue to leave, as of June 30th, the company only 10 employees of administrative management, management of affairs can only support the size by the chairman Liu Jiaxiang, but this year has been 78 year old Liu father apparently lack of effort. According to Founder Securities Disclosure, the first session of the board of directors, supervisors and senior management personnel of this term expired on November 21, 2015, but because the controlling shareholder of another company, the actual control of the father of Liu Chunyi Liu Jiaxiang, the board of directors, supervisors and senior management personnel of the general work has not been carried out. Everybody said, this is not pit dad is what! Large cross-border business transformation, Hao Zhen sang KTV ST Sainuoda shares except for this extreme case, the main failure is an important cause for the transformation of enterprise income 0相关的主题文章: