30 days to accumulate the number of garbage man wearing a waste to persuade people to environmental ssport

The 30 day can accumulate so much garbage? "A man" Robert Greenfield advised people to environmental protection garbage garbage "wear" in the body according to foreign media reports, the data show that the United States of New York residents daily garbage 12 thousand tons. In the United States, an average of about 2 kilograms of garbage per person per day. In order to wake up Americans face garbage problem, an American environmentalists launched a campaign to put his daily garbage all hanging in my body, let people see him within 30 days cumulative amount of rubbish. Reported that green has always pursued a doctrine of Robert Greenfield (Rob? Green? Field) launched the "I am trash" activities, the activities will continue until October 19th. During this time, Greenfield would imitate the way Americans live in an uncontrolled way of life, and see how much he can accumulate in 30 days. In the past two weeks, Greenfield only eat pizza, hamburgers, French fries and other fast food and drink soda, finished eating fast food cartons, cups, plastic bags, etc.. He smiled and said: "I accept the American way of life, to create garbage." Rob Greenfield saved Greenfield initially wanted to put organic waste garbage in the body, and later because of the stench taste can not stand up. However, Greenfield may still be not accustomed to waste of resources in the way of life, so he put the original plan to hoard about 61 kg of garbage down to the target of 45 kg. Greenfield said to the green life is "impossible" in the United Kingdom for consumption, everywhere is full of temptation to spend, not stop calling you "buy buy buy". He believes that American awareness of environmental protection has increased, but the decrease of household garbage is still insufficient, they are willing to buy more Recyclable products or environmentally friendly products, but consciously reduce (produce) people are still not a lot of garbage." GrowNYC, a nonprofit organization for sustainable development, said that up to 80% of American goods were discarded only once. The population of the United States accounts for only 4.6% of the world’s total, but the amount of solid waste produced in the United States accounts for about 33% of the world’s total. Editor: Zhang Shuangpeng相关的主题文章: