Nora case trial continues today CEO Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court 嘿嘿taxi

Nora case trial continues today CEO Wang Xin pleaded guilty to Beijing News News (reporter Wang Mengyao) the morning of September 9th, the Beijing Haidian court to continue hearing Nora company and CEO Wang Xin, dissemination of pornographic materials case. Wang Xin pleaded guilty in court. Reporters learned that in the morning the first trial stage, the court to show the electronic data of judicial appraisal opinions issued by the state information center, digital forensic center, and the identification of the person shall be summoned to appear in court, identification of people involved IP address access, whether there is from the technical problems of external copy into or modify the traces of the answer. In January 7th this year, 8 days, in Nora case the first trial, the defense presented this case, seized four servers custody procedures there are major flaws, and the original data are likely to damage and opinions, the collegial panel considers authenticity identification of samples of doubt, and the evidence for the facts of the case and find out the conviction and sentencing is crucial it was decided to conduct investigation and verification. Subsequently, the Haidian court commissioned the National Information Center for electronic data forensic identification center for four servers and storage content for testing. At the end of the first phase of the investigation of the court, the presiding judge asked the defendant and the defendant’s opinion, Nora company litigation representative and Wang Xin and other defendants pleaded guilty. Haidian court, Wang Xin said in the trial, before the one-sided understanding of their own, our software is used to disseminate pornographic video is an indisputable fact, but the company did not take effective measures, resulting in a lot of porn spread. In addition, as the company’s own CEO should assume responsibility. Wang Xin said that hoped to apologize to the hurt of the netizens to trial, said that if his business again, would have learned the professional technical service to the society, hope that Nora’s case become warning of industry self-regulation. Along with Wang Xin was indicted as well as Nora Nora Nora, general manager of the company’s business unit, director of the technical platform, Zhang Kedong, director of marketing, Niu Wen, director of the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, general manager of the Ministry of industry and commerce, the Ministry of industry and commerce, director of marketing, director of the. Wu Ming did not defend his views. Zhang Kedong, Niu Wenju expressed sincere pleaded guilty to repentance, hope the court of their sentences, return to society as soon as possible. In the next stage of the court debate, the prosecutor believes that Nora company allowed to spread a large amount of pornographic videos constitute the crime of spreading pornographic materials, must be subject to criminal investigation. Based on the change of the opinions of the defendant company and the defendant, the defender made his own opinions on the sentencing of the case. The case will be scheduled for sentencing.相关的主题文章: