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With TA, baby sick without injections and medication! My mother will learn the maternal games – Sohu, traces of cupping on the shoulders of the American swimming great God Phelps, lead to boom in the world on the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, cupping time hot up, all athletes exclaimed with cupping to relieve the pain, to the treatment of sports injury, the effect of magic! The traditional Chinese medicine cupping techniques, we Chinese the most familiar, and cupping is also known for a traditional Chinese medicine techniques, if our new mother can learn a few hands this skill, the adults at home, if the children who met the generally small children at home can easily resolve! That’s the famous child massage! Mainly for infantile massage, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, vomiting, anorexia, cough, fever and so on, the application of heating up. Study of infantile massage for the novice moms, but also a process of re popularizing knowledge of physiology, because learning pediatric massage must learn the acupoints of the human body search, need to understand the knowledge about the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine. I give you a new mother to find a few cases of pediatric massage treatment, to help you understand this treatment. Case: a four year old boy conditioning children have a fever cold beef, three consecutive months of fever (20 days each month), accompanied by swollen tonsils and cough, yellow nose flow, the cough phlegm is not completely cure. The first time to massage the child, red tongue, cough phlegm, flow snot, pediatric massage mainly phlegm to cold. The first two days, the parents asked for a day massage for the first time, the third day of the child’s nose no longer flow, sputum sound becomes larger, obvious signs of sputum to be discharged, the next three consecutive days to phlegm based. Seventh days of children sputum discharge. The treatment was used for seven days. During the massage, the child has no fever and symptoms of tonsillitis. The child rest three days, because she ate five pieces of chocolate, and again when the tongue becomes yellow tongue red, with heat based massage for two days. The children at home with a cold feet during the fun that night, began to fever, on the evening of the highest temperature at 39 degrees, the mother at home, clear sky and water were pushing back an hour, the child’s temperature dropped to 38, a night temperature did not rise again. The morning of the second day began to massage the runny nose, the temperature has been in the 37- and 38 degrees, mainly in the morning heat, mainly in the Qing River, day back to the children finally six Fu organs, let the children take Fengchi Jianjing pinch out of some sweat. Temperature of 37.6 degrees, let the children go home to rest home bubble hot feet. In the afternoon, the child went to sleep a lot of sweat, but the temperature is still not down. Five pm to massage to the child again, when the temperature is 37.7 degrees, the afternoon massage mainly by Nourishing Yin and clearing heat, horses with clear water back six Fu Yongquan Tianhe, about half an hour the child again out of the sweat, the temperature to 36.6 degrees, observe the day without any discomfort. The children of this one and a half days fever without taking any medications, but this did not appear to have a fever before tonsil swelling and cough phlegm and other symptoms, the child did not appear any!相关的主题文章: