Zhang Yishan go home with kids Implementation of these brain hole! carmex润唇膏

Zhang Yishan go home with kids? Implementation of these brain hole! The ten, Wang Daha (micro signal: drama can be said) known as the "family with children" sequel "families with children" to start at the beginning of growth!! It is said that the first male Zhang Yishan [micro-blog]9 15 will enter the group shooting. The content is probably a way down here: that is, Liu Xing and the snow grew up after things are made into a TV series? I doubt, this is not the cry up wine and sell vinegar? But look at this "family with children": a team behind Li Hong, director producer, screenwriter Li Jianhong boscage…… Are "home with children," the original class production team. So, should be able to determine the really serious sequel is? Since then, there are many dramas that want to ask their creative brain hole, there is no possibility to achieve! First of all, when watching the show I have had such a brain hole, the East China Sea summer and Liu Mei is the reorganization of the family, the Liu Xing and snow should be unrelated "siblings", don’t they might do together! Under the same roof! Idol drama shows too much… After all, Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi [micro-blog] used to be lovers. But do not rule out after will play well down here from Liu Xing and snow thing, said Zhang Yishan and Yang Zi together, is very love, fame, together with the college entrance examination, test on the North become classmates, and graduated together. Ask if they want to see them again!! Would like to! Another hole is, Liu Mei in the end how to deal with the brutal girlfriend Liu Xing? This scene is presumably a lot of parents who have memories of snow to the male vote "wild boy" home, Liu Xing does not sit, mother Liu Mei as money, love money, he said: "the snow can with their wild guys, why can’t I meet my sassy girl?" Liu Mei replied, "if you dare to have a sassy girl, you will suddenly find that you have a wild and wild mother!" It is no exaggeration to say that at that time the joy of tea has been sprayed, the stomach is also a smile…… A: This is a wild boy who are familiar, is the mark [micro-blog]! Here so Liu Xing sassy girl who is? This is a problem that has been solved over the years! Next, we are most concerned about the problem is: who is the actor? Now, micro-blog marketing in the brush cast"…… In fact, the Chinese people refer to these people behind the director screenwriter team is the original class, did not say that the actor cast of good. But it’s okay to talk about it! In those days, they still have some hope of return First, Liu Xing is the security of the Games star back down ~ ~ ah! In fact, Zhang Yishan to play the family has children grow up, the news, the beginning of this year has been put out. But at that time, "sin" has not been broadcast, this thing did not leave too deep impression on everyone. Until Zhang Yishan by virtue of sin to become fans of the male god…….相关的主题文章: