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Speaking strategies   four is suitable for children to read masterpiece – Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn original title: about the strategy of the four masterpiece actually suitable for children to read the original title: about the strategy of the four masterpiece actually suitable for children to read Qin Chunhua in September 26th, the teacher "Chinese Youth Daily" published the "four masterpiece" suitable for children to read? "One article, he believes the four masterpiece is not necessarily suitable for children — especially children reading, four masterpiece difficult child half literary and half vernacular, read;" historical records "of" Chu Ci "" Book of Songs "too difficult…… The four great masterpieces and other classic works contain the profound Chinese traditional culture. In my opinion, the four classics and other classics are suitable for children to read, but children of different ages in reading, the strategy is different, if necessary, can make the appropriate adaptation. First, the four great books for children to read the Qin teacher believes that "journey to the west" contains a strong Buddhist color, but the most suitable for children to read. I think the book is well worth reading for children. All sorts of strange things, things immortal (boundless supernatural power personalities of the characters), bizarre plot twists, lustrous and dazzling society, lively and interesting in writing, deeply attracted generations of children. Children (including high school students) to read, do not understand the Buddha inside it does not matter, as long as the ability to cultivate a rich imagination, it is enough. The current Chinese students in the world of imagination countdown, often read a similar masterpiece, to cultivate the imagination will not benefit? In fact, about this book, there are two phenomena: one is the neglected children in reading this book, few people will be interested in reading, focusing on Buddhism; two during summer vacation, both urban and rural areas, many children are avidly watching TV drama "journey to the West". Do you think the book is suitable for children to read? Is the book attractive to children? From the perspective of "color", "empty", "magic" and "destroy", the author thinks that reading "a dream of Red Mansions" is not conducive to children’s physical and mental growth. I disagree with this point of view, we can not because of these problems and not Yinyefeishi, recommend the most outstanding classical masterpiece to the children. If let me recommend the only one to the middle school students a classic, I will not hesitate to choose the "dream of Red Mansions". The book involves China ancient culture, to inherit and carry forward the national culture, good. I dare not deep on the book, but to be sure, reading this book to a certain extent, to improve students’ ability of language expression, as well as the overall Chinese accomplishment. Let’s take a look at the composition. Although I know that today will eventually become yesterday, but I will not let you regret today, but will not let happen today "the unpredictable desires of life, frequency increases worry" tragedy. A new day has begun, both in this extraordinary and ordinary today, I was no longer the lonely time will look up at the sky, watching the sun, watching the moon, look at my neck aches, my eyes are full of tears of the little girl. I know the dream with the clouds and fly by water; the children send word, why seek xianchou "good. Today, should not be相关的主题文章: