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5 days to fight the new liar no one calls the phone was scolded by the 50: good luck to see reporters face to face interviews in the wall of the liar. On the other side of the phone posing as police, prosecutors, judges liar who are? Why would they embark on the road of telecommunications fraud? In the process of making a phone call, how do they lure the victim into the trap step by step? What do they think of their crime? Recently, the Guangzhou Daily reporter walked into the Yangjiang prison in Guangdong Province, facing the conversation with the walls of the liar, uncover the underlying telecommunications fraud story through the confessions of a liar. The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Dong, correspondent Yin Huafei,   Association; Kan Miao practicing deception to learn Mandarin A Qiang (a pseudonym) was in jail for 35 years old birthday, he is from Guangdong Maoming Dianbai, occupation for farmers, due to fraud, sentenced to 4 and a half years. From the outside, he did not imagine the cunning liar so wretched, no different with what at first glance outside the ordinary youth, and even some honest. He interviewed the only requirement is not his real name and the position of the house, because he also wants to live again. A strong reading experience and learning achievement, family conditions, factors and personal health reasons as a result of the first dropped out of grad. Like many children in the countryside, at home for a while, then go to work with relatives. Have been to Guangzhou, Foshan, along with relatives to engage in decoration, apprenticeship, a month down wages to several hundred yuan to one thousand yuan". Later, he returned to his hometown because of bad business. Have a job when they come out, did not live at home farming. In 2008, a strong marriage, children, life pressure suddenly increased. "At home, with childhood play with friends to chat, suddenly found that they have developed, each take the money home, there are several million." A strong said, see others make money so easy, all day thinking about money. So he found a way to get rich friends. Pointing through a friend, he began to go on the way of fraud, "I am short of money," Jiang said. John doesn’t remember what time made the first telephone fraud, but he just remember to "join" the feeling: pick up the phone and feel a bit awkward, that can not continue. Because it is a lie to know the money is illegal, at first a little scared, and sometimes feel a little nervous". Fraud the entry threshold is very low, with his "join" friend took a piece of paper, the paper wrote a few words, a read, this is called "training", and "fraud". Less than a month, a strong say more skilled, "after all is said and done are so few words, most still rely on their own ability to respond." In order to practice the "word", a strong also specifically to learn Mandarin, because of fraud targets throughout the country. "Not in my home phone," Jiang said, fraud phone needs a quiet place, also do not want to let the family know, so will rent a house for the crime. Sometimes after taking some money home, his wife asked money from 2相关的主题文章: