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How to get the best treatment time for cerebral palsy children? Some time ago I – Sohu health reception of a child, the body stiff, soft muscles can not stand up, stretch lower down and asked that cross, after the birth of a child with jaundice has subsided for nearly 3 weeks. In fact, this is the reason why children with cerebral palsy. In general, the normal neonatal jaundice in the postpartum 2~3 days, the duration of not more than two weeks, if the onset of jaundice within a period of 24 hours after birth, duration of more than two weeks, it may cause brain damage. When the child appears after brain injury was like crying or not cry, less activity, easily frightened, feeding difficulties. When the child is crying, first of all, the child should be excluded from indigestion, by cold, intestinal spasm and other diseases, and then it should be considered is not caused by brain damage. In general, the brain injury recovery period is 6 months, if the child has symptoms of brain injury, early exercise and drug therapy, will be the same as a normal child, otherwise lead to cerebral palsy, parents too late for regrets. Therefore, the baby appears premature, hypoxia or severe jaundice and other abnormal conditions, like crying or not crying, parents should be alert to brain damage, more than six months may lead to cerebral palsy. According to the literature, cause the cause of cerebral palsy at present are mainly summed up: neonatal asphyxia, jaundice, premature birth, early pregnancy medication, neonatal convulsion, low birth weight, maternal, acute poisoning, vaginal bleeding, intracranial hemorrhage, the production process is too long, placenta previa, mother suffering from mental illness, gestosis, aspiration pneumonia, twins, macrosomia, pregnancy weight, umbilical cord around the neck, fetal head suction, breech presentation, transverse position, scleredema, its incidence rate is about 2-3%. For children with cerebral palsy, because the etiology and classification of different symptoms will be various, but early (within 6 months) to see the following performance, parents can refer to these phenomena for the best treatment time for children: 1, the body weak and spontaneous movement decreased, which is hypotonia symptoms can be seen in the a month. If more than 4 months, can be diagnosed as severe brain injury, mental retardation or muscle system disease. 2, the body hard, this is the symptoms of muscle tension, can be seen in a month. If more than 4 months, can be diagnosed as cerebral palsy. 3, slow response and no response to this name, is an early manifestation of mental retardation, generally slow response at 4 months, no response to calls for 6 months, can be diagnosed with mental retardation. 4, head circumference abnormalities: head circumference is the objective index of the development of brain morphology, brain injured children often have abnormal head circumference. 5, poor weight gain, breast-feeding weakness. 6, fixed position, often due to brain injury caused by abnormal muscle tension, such as a frog, opisthotonos, inverted U shape posture. Can be seen in a month after birth. 7, do not laugh: if you can not smile for 2 months, can not laugh for 4 months, can be diagnosed as mental retardation. 8, a fist: if 4 months is not open, or thumb adduction, especially one extremity, has important diagnostic significance. 9, body twist: 3-4 months of baby if there is a body twist,!相关的主题文章: