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The urine protein may be too high, a Sohu – hypertension pregnancy caused during pregnancy causes, urinary protein of the kidney to kidney will filter the blood of operation, eliminate the waste, let the blood clean. When the protein is transported in the blood, it circulates in the body. If the kidneys fail to function, the protein levels in the blood increase. Because of the lack of exercise, the kidneys not only filter the blood of pregnant women, but also filter the fetal blood. After pregnancy, blood volume increases, the kidneys also need to work overtime to filter all the blood. If pregnant women lack of exercise, can also lead to urinary protein production. High urine protein may be high blood pressure in pregnancy. Sometimes, when you have a cold or fever, urine protein can also occur when you are sick, especially cold, fever, dehydration, or other acute diseases. Therefore, the need for further testing and observation. Two, how to deal with the urine protein during pregnancy? To reduce salt intake during pregnancy will eat something sour, or even salty snacks are normal. Increasing salt intake, however, can lead to higher levels of urinary protein. So try to stay away from salty food and reduce the salt in the food. To reduce the amount of sugar in the cake, dessert, candy contains a lot of sugar, should be removed from your diet as much as possible, especially if you are particularly fond of sweets. Reducing sugar intake reduces the burden on the kidneys. Manage your pregnancy weight during the middle and late stages of pregnancy, and your food will get better, but that doesn’t mean you can overeat. Weight management is not easy, but you certainly don’t want to gain too much weight and develop gestational hypertension or pre eclampsia. So keep your weight under control. Rest and relax and have a good rest and relaxation. If you have more time to recharge and rest, you will be able to deal with any complications or problems. Three, the signs of pregnancy hypertension, urine, urine protein is one of the signs of pregnancy hypertension urine protein. This is the reason why the need for urine testing. If the test results are positive, you need to monitor and attention at any time. High blood pressure is high blood pressure is the most obvious sign of pregnancy, so the need to produce blood pressure when testing, to monitor the level of blood pressure is normal. In addition to the development of pregnancy induced hypertension, hypertension may also develop into preeclampsia. Edema edema may be another sign of pregnancy hypertension. Usually because of too much salt intake, abnormal renal function, caused by pregnancy induced hypertension. So if you have symptoms of edema, do not ignore.相关的主题文章: