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Parents not to divorce, the son of a sentence woke up… – he could most Sohu maternal 1 wife, she is too strong. At home, he always let it, on the outside, she did not know how to save a little face. When he and his friends together to drink a cup of drink, imperceptibly to the middle of the night, she even put the table away here! He could not lift his head in front of his friends. "You don’t have a gentle woman." He roared. "Do you like this, I want to you gently, dreaming!" she replied. She can’t bear him a drink, a good man, usually once drunk, changed as a person, full of complaints, nonsense. Therefore, they are always blaming and complaining, he thought after decades of time, feel to go too hard; but if the divorce, the children how to do? He tentatively asked his son: Mom and dad apart? The son said: no! He continued to advise said: "my mother always said. No, my father always said my mother is wrong, and fight together, not as separate." Son shook his head and said earnestly: "I quarrel with the students before the teacher said what I — you do not control other people, put their own bad habits to change! Dad, I think you forget how mom, you should first put their love drinking habits changed! "Son, let him shocked: he has waited for his wife to change, but never thought about their first change. He thought: his wife is afraid to think so, he decided to quit drinking, even for the sake of his son, later said that the son also have an account. 2 he never thought that alcohol would be so uncomfortable. When the time arrives at the dead of night, the whole world is only the star one hundred claws of the heart, he began the night night insomnia…… His wife looked at him and said, "what are you doing?". He fahen secretly in the heart: you wait, I gave up drinking, the first thing is to divorce you! He had moved to the bed room, buy a lot of snacks, insomnia when watching DVDs, night to survive. She came to see a full order study, trash and shell seeds table with DVD, and looked at him, lost a big circle, suddenly some feel distressed. Then, she bought two boxes of Anshenbunao liquid, in front of him: "every night before going to bed drink a total sleep, which can withstand?" he could move, like what to fiddle with the soft. Through the first half a month, he felt recovering, the mood also counseling his son to write the homework. While he was with his son, she sat down to make a sweater, turn over a magazine, or prepare food for dinner. No longer as before, when I saw him, I couldn’t stop nagging…… Now, when she’s not nagging, home is quiet, quiet in a kind of warm feeling in the flow, his heart is warm: it looks like a home! 3 she was happy with her husband’s change, and every day at the dinner table there was a dish he liked to eat. They just.相关的主题文章: