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"Small bones" "White Snake" burst of red network     workaholic crew for God to restore the realistic fashion — a 00 recently after the burst of "White Snake" brush circle of friends from the actors, scenes, props, music of God "restore", "copy" classic, wholly intact netizens have said very surprised. According to the drama director Pan Liping said, the whole drama is very strict, filming scenes, to read people in the portrait of Confucius and Xu Shilin’s blue and white porcelain, pear wood, handed down baby bed Beige fine cotton coat, the White Snake, snake like waves of water overflows golden hill body effects, one by one in order to restore, and the original unity. In addition to the set, in the filming process is also excellence. From the stage, lighting, lens to the performers, the crew are carefully consider the old version of "essence". Pan Liping said: "this is a great piece of work, make up for good. The plot, lines and songs very well, so we are also standing on the shoulders of giants, choose a remake of the drama, but also because of the different charm". In addition to the drama of God restore all the essence of the old version, but also cited the odd, it is the actor is a group of seven or eight year old children to play, the biggest actor was only 10 years old! And it is not just in the super serious. Acting after blasting entertainment paralysis little meat, users also have the curiosity, so a group of children, how to play so lifelike. Pan Liping said: first of all, the child has no barrier to express feelings, no psychological barriers, emotions are natural, so the child will have a great advantage in itself." The crew will also do a lot of communication before the shooting and the children, to tell the children about the tragic experience of the characters, the actors were moved by the story, shooting will be immersive". The child is very good guide, to be good at telling stories. Some children do not necessarily know so profound, but he knew that the world know the pain of separation grief at separation and joy in Union, flesh and blood, know to cherish family, know what is evil." Pan Liping said, do resonate, not preaching, but the most impressive. In the "White Snake", "small bone" this column is a remake of other theme works. Li Xuejian starred in "Jiao Yulu", starring Huang Wanqiu "Liu Sanjie", starring Li Guyi "," Hunan Huagu tinker and Wang Yuzhen starred in the "Honghu Lake" and other classic plays, by a little doll remake. But behind the "journey to the west", "Mulan" is also filming, "small bone" of the shooting mode will become the new trend. (commissioning editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Li?)相关的主题文章: