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The door is open in the country? Remote control key failure solution – the Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] many friends car have keyless entry and start function, I believe we have met because the key is not the door open, the car can not start the embarrassment. So, let’s talk today. If the key is dead, how do we open the door and start the car? When the intelligent electronic key your failure, could not open the door, there are two possibilities: 1 car battery power shortage. 2 the key in your hand is dead. At this time no matter how to deal with or repair, we first need to use the mechanical key to open the door. I asked some owners who have the key to the sensor, but not everyone knows how to open the door in this situation. Whether the car is out of power, or the key is dead, we have to get into the car, OK? So now let’s talk about how to open the door: in general, there are two key induction function: 1, the conventional folding mechanical keys; 2, hidden mechanical keys. If it is a conventional folding key, in the absence of electricity directly open the mechanical key can open the door. If the key is hidden, we need to find the key, general machinery and spare keys are hidden in the main key, usually do not need to use it, pull it out can be used as the conventional mechanical key to open the door. However, the mechanical key can only open one door of the driving position, while the other door needs to be opened manually. The key is not power, you only need to pull out or mechanical key is folded, then insert the lock unlock operation routine, you can sit in the car. Of course, sitting in the car is only the first step, how to use the power of the keys to the car hit the fire, is the most critical, right? With keyless start system of vehicle in the car has a sensor, sensing the car keys will start the engine, but no electricity in the car keys, low transmit power, causing the vehicle is not so sensitive, sometimes getting a good can not start the vehicle smoothly. In fact, the problem encountered is also a skill, that is, the induction key stuck in the vicinity of the vehicle interior sensors, you can start the vehicle. However, the design of each type of sensor is different, which requires you to carefully check the manual to find the location, remember that it is not available. Of course, this is only limited to the induction key and no electricity, no electric vehicle MEIZHE, can only enter the vehicle but unable to start. The dry cargo comes: key out of power, how to change the battery? Summary: for most people, it is possible to buy a car to sell, but also can not meet the problem of missing the key. But if you do, you’ll be in trouble. Because for many people, did not know how to give the key to change the battery, no power to enter the car ignition is completely clueless. I hope this article can help those still in confusion among friends, from now on to the car keys to change the battery will not worry. Author: Zhu Zhaoxiong相关的主题文章: