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In an interview with the the Great Wall computer: independent and innovation made the road of science and technology Sohu recently, one of the world’s top 500 China Electronic Information Industry Group Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Chinese electronic) backbone enterprise under the flag of the China Great Wall Computer Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Great Wall computer) exhibition IFA Berlin international consumer electronics show. The launch of Greatwall O2 mobile e-commerce integrated terminal to the mobile Internet application innovation won the "2016 IFA Product Innovation Award – Integrated Technology Application Award, China shows excellent brand innovation and technological strength to the world. In recent years, cloud computing, networking, mobile Internet, big data, smart Internet and other high-tech applications more and more consumer electronics products, integration. In the new era of intelligent Internet, the Great Wall computer products also shows that China’s consumer electronics industry is gradually getting rid of the past homogenization of the development of the state, in the stage of global consumer electronics to shine a new light. The Great Wall computer board, President Zhou Gengshen said, from the successful development of the first Chinese senior Chinese microcomputer to start up the computer, the Great Wall China electronics manufacturing service industry banner. At the same time, the the Great Wall computer always adhere to independent innovation, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, and actively implement "the transformation of the industry value chain from the downstream to the upstream, from product production to provide the core technology and overall solution transformation solutions and services". In Internet plus computer era, the Great Wall is accelerating, active layout will be a new generation of information technology and Internet innovation achievements into manufacturing areas, and further enhance the the Great Wall computer in Internet plus the era of competition, take independent innovation made the road. So, Zhou always look at the global electronics industry development and innovation of the hot trend? In the "Internet plus" era, information technology and intelligent manufacturing is how to transformation and layout? How to realize the strategy of "going out" of the Great Wall computer brand? Have a detailed understanding of. 1, with the continuous integration of consumer electronics and mobile Internet, smart Internet and other new Internet technology, mobile, intelligent, interconnected has become an inevitable trend. I would like to ask the Great Wall computer is how to look at this convergence trend? For the future development trend of consumer electronics products, the Great Wall computer and how to predict? For the Great Wall computers, such integration is reflected in the products and technology solutions? Answer: "Internet plus" is to further practice the thinking of the Internet, it represents a kind of advanced productive forces, promote the continual evolution of economic form. So as to promote the vitality of social and economic entities, for the reform, innovation and development to provide a broad network platform. Popular, "Internet plus" is the "Internet plus various traditional industries", but this is not a simple combination, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform, so that the Internet and traditional industries depth of integration, to create a new ecological development. With the development of Internet technology, the improvement of the level of manufacturing of consumer electronics products and the increase of the income level of the residents, the integration of the consumer electronics and the Internet has gradually become a trend.相关的主题文章: