Google to develop a new car applications without the need for and car bundle-rewrite攻略�

Google developed a new automotive applications no longer need to "bundle" Tencent and car automotive news according to foreign media reports, in the spring of this year held the annual Google developer conference, Google Corporation had to show they are developing a car application software Android Auto, this software can run on the Android mobile phone system, and do not need installed in the car or car dashboard display. Now, Google Corporation for all Android mobile phone users launched the software. The new Android Auto application is an upgraded version of the existing software. The new version provides a simple, easy to navigate mobile interface for the user’s driving process. In addition, this software limits the number of notifications that users can see, and also accepts the user’s ability to read text messages and select features such as voice replies. The new applications show only four mobile phone icon at the bottom of the screen, respectively, maps, phone calls, listen to audio and an expanded Home key icon — when the system is running on the interface map icon will return to the Android Auto interface to Home main interface to replace the software during standby. At the top of the interactive interface there is a menu drop-down click button and a microphone icon. Even in the use of the process does not click on the icon at the bottom of the interface, the Android Auto software can automatically display a series of cards in the user’s startup process. The following figure shows the Android Auto is the main interface of software control is playing in Spotify music, and the current position of the weather, a record and not answer the phone, using Google Maps Navigation position. Google Corporation said that after the Android Auto software to support the operation of any App applications – more than 500 – are able to run on the new software interface. This means that including WhatsApp, Spotify, Pandora and Pocket Casts, including most popular App applications can be used in this software interface. The new version of the Android Auto software allows users to download for free, and can be used in any Lollipop system (OS 5 version) of Android devices or other new devices running. This software will be used in more than and 30 countries to promote the use of users. It is reported that, Android Auto mobile applications to download a program, which is usually set for the mode of "normally open" mode, which will cause the use of the user’s smartphone battery life. Nevertheless, the product development Google maps and Android Auto software for Mickey · (Mickey Kataria); C Traya insisted that, with the standard mode of the excessive use of Google maps compared using Android Auto software will only have a slight influence on the user’s mobile phone battery life consumption". In the initial installation, the software also recommends that the user hand.相关的主题文章: