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Total and Aston Martin to prepare for the WEC? November 5th World Endurance Championship Shanghai 6 hour race qualifying at the Shanghai international circuit like a raging fire to carry on, and will officially start officially on the second day on Sunday, the Total and Aston Martin joined forces to various Aston optimistic, Martin Total will carry three V8 Vantage GTE race! What is the difference in the performance of this race? And what are the expectations for tomorrow’s game? The drivers said: "the strong support of Dahl and Aston Martin on a car provided by the car’s performance is very good, Total provides a lubricating oil for Aston Martin racing, let the engine more durable. Although we are very competitive in this game, the opponent is very strong. We are also relatively close to the skills, but overall, the car is still relatively good performance. At the same time, the speed of the game is also good. " "for tomorrow’s game, it is a great honor to be able to win a higher level of attention in tomorrow’s game. In the league, if the game can win the score which is of great advantage for us, so I and GTE95 from teammates will and Aston – Martin and Total together to cooperate in tomorrow’s game, get good grades." Early in May this year, Aston Martin and Total announced a global strategic cooperation agreement, Total has become the 2016 to 2017 year’s official energy partners, as the British luxury brand, official racing equipment and Aston Martin racing to offer its products. As part of the agreement, Total will be in the FIA world Endurance Championship (WEC) on the support of Aston Martin racing, as its "official oil and technology partners". Total has 45 years of experience in R & D and car racing field, the development of lubricating oil, lubricating grease, fluid and special additives and other high quality products and excellent technical performance. Total’s support for Aston Martin is no longer limited to provide products for the team. The first time Total except F1 events WEC per tournament provide mobile laboratory and professional engineers as a technical support. , the support makes the analysis and understanding of the oil samples throughout the season to become a reality, which is the lifeblood of V8 Vantage GTE. Total oil (China) Limited company general manager Dai Weiming said in an interview: "I am very honored to welcome Aston Martin – Total team came to Shanghai to attend this weekend’s world endurance championship. A win-win cooperation between Total and Aston Martin, will allow more people to understand our leading brand of two professional, and our cooperation with the outstanding Aston Martin teams and drivers will make Total more advance its technology and business development opportunities in the market China." Aston Martin Lagonda (China) auto sale Limited company president Peng Mingshan said: "Aston Martin is the world’s luxury car brand, therefore, it needs to cooperate with the best partners in the world. We fully believe that Total in the fuel oil and lubricating oil"相关的主题文章: