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Two violet spend about 800 million gallon ZTE Zhao Weiguo promising technology hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Zhu Xianni, editor Sun Fang ZTE today released three quarterly. To achieve double net revenue growth, single season earnings amounted to 1 billion 92 million yuan, a record this year, a new high. From the current market is more concerned about the shareholders’ standings, Tibet purple Chunhua investment, Beijing jointcom communication technology group ZTE both coming out of the top ten shareholders of the column. "Purple two" total holds 56 million 900 thousand shares, the total stake of about 1.37%, and for the third quarter gallon. The control report regularly ZTE is not difficult to find, Tibet purple Chunhua investment in the two or three quarter a gallon, the end of June this year held 21 million 866 thousand and 200 shares, first appeared in ZTE’s list of shareholders, to the end of the three quarter, shares increased to 28 million 567 thousand shares. Beijing jointcom communication technology group is on the list for the first time in the three quarter, holdings of 28 million 332 thousand shares, and is very close to Tibet Unisplendour investment chunhua. According to ZTE’s two or three quarter price, the mean value of a rough estimate, the size of "two ultraviolet" spend about 800 million yuan. To explore the "two purple" why so popular ZTE, have to mention behind the helm – Chairman Zhao Weiguo purple group. He has a graduate degree in Electronic Engineering Department of Tsinghua University, he is not a shot every time to buy buy buy, more out of the deep understanding of the electronics industry. Zhao Weiguo had said in an interview with the media, the United States was born with a number of similar GE, Google, Boeing, Qualcomm, Intel, IBM’s technology companies, while China is the lack of heavy science and technology enterprises. The so-called heavy science and technology enterprise, its development mainly depends on the technology drive, but not the special business model. In the eyes of Zhao Weiguo, the domestic science and technology enterprises in the field of a palm can count". "HUAWEI, ZTE, small is three Spreadtrum communications, china." He has said so publicly. In has big acquisitions in China three and Spreadtrum communication, Zhao Weiguo completed the "core" to "cloud" layout. Industry insiders believe that, overwhelmed by the "two purple" massive gallon ZTE, it is Zhao Weiguo in further filled and strengthen its industrial layout, and the listed companies worth looking forward to the cooperation in the future. According to Zhao Weiguo, big data, Internet, security, cloud computing is a huge industry different business has different industry cycle, if the formation of a complete set of industrial chain, its revenue and profit can be effectively matched. Look at ZTE, the company has proposed M-ICT 2 strategy to further define its strategic orientation for the future of the top five: virtual, open, intelligent, cloud and Internet of things. Pay attention to the strategic direction agree without prior without previous consultation with Zhao Weiguo. From the specific financial data, the first three quarters of this year, ZTE achieved operating income of $71 billion 564 million, an increase of 4.44%; realization相关的主题文章: