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Children love to say "shit fart" how to do these dirty words? (original) – Sohu, the psychologist Xu Jingying maternal parent-child parents: my baby is a girl four years old. Recently, I found that she always likes to say, "shit fart fart", said that with these related, always very happy, laughing. Sometimes, but also to take "shit urine fart" with adults joke, this is why? Moreover, how to stop her do not listen, the more do not say, the more said the effort. I think a girl, always say this topic, especially bad. How can we not let her say? 1 want to and the parents said, the most important thing is: relax, don’t "shit urine fart" fart big thing! From a psychological point of view, children like to talk about "shit fart", is very normal and natural. This is a symbol of the rise of the TA of the sexual consciousness of the TA, it belongs to a kind of instinct, which is only the child’s growth stage characteristics, after this stage will not say. Think about it, we adults, who will talk about this topic? Parents should respect the normal stage of child development, to do, just a little indifferent indifferent and implicit and effective guidance! 2 parents of shit fart reaction, so that children love to say shit fart". 3-5 year old child is very sensitive to the foul language, because they found that the "urine fart" this vocabulary is very powerful, can cause a strong reaction of the adult, because these words it appears in adults is civilized, indecent, usually, the children say, adults would be disgusted, stop the child, not to say. "Shit fart fart" let the children interested, but let the TA are interested in, because of the "shit urine fart", the parents of the overreaction. TA who think themselves, by saying "urine fart", more exciting to adults, adults can even predict reaction — anger, stop, or even intimidation, beatings, just say a few words "urine fart" can let adults so nervous, caught people’s attention easily, this is not very fun? Fun, of course, to do more, so the children will enjoy it, don’t stop talking. 3 what the hell is that? Parents think that children say shit fart, that dirty words, in fact, this is what I want to discuss with parents. For 3 year old children, but also can not tell what is a dirty word, what is not bad language. Parents believe that "shit fart fart" dirty, dirty words, this is just an adult view; in the eyes of the child, said "shit urine fart" just feel happy, do not think dirty, smelly. "Dirty" or "dirty", for children and adults to different standards and different, different ideas, different natural practices that dirty, it is necessary to stop, do not think dirty, just want to say, this is the only fun. And more than 4 years of age, children, but also know that shit urine fart such indecent words, it should not be said, but because it is not good, if it is said, it is more exciting, similar to the risk and rebellious psychology. If the parents had to stop and severe criticism, prone to two extremes: one is the children dare not speak, two is more sensitive and rebellious. !相关的主题文章: