Tesla Q3 profitability, Revenue $2 billion 300 million, net profit of $22 million, the stock rose 6.-驯龙高手dm456

Tesla Q3 profitability, revenue of $2 billion 300 million, net profit of $22 million, the stock rose 6.2%- Sohu technology Tesla Motors announced the 2016 third quarter earnings today (as of September 30th), this is the listing of second quarter earnings. The company reported a quarter of total revenues of $2 billion 300 million, $937 million for the same period last year, an increase of 145%; according to U.S. GAAP meter (GAAP), net profit of $22 million, compared to a net loss of $230 million per diluted share; profit of $0.14, a loss per share of $1.78 for the same period last year. Tesla’s third quarter cash and cash equivalents totaled $3 billion 100 million, compared with $3 billion 200 million at the end of the second quarter. After the third quarter report, Tesla shares rose $214.80 to $6.2% per share. Model type S and Model type deliveries increased to 24821 units in the quarter, is the 2015 third quarter of two times. Including 8774 Model X type. The company also said that at the end of the quarter, another 5065 vehicles are being delivered to customers, these vehicles will be recorded in the fourth quarter. Tesla is expected to manufacture 50 thousand cars in the second half. Tesla Model X sport utility vehicles sold well, helping Tesla to create historical sales records. Increase in sales to help Tesla achieve profitability in the quarter. CEO Mask is pushing the company to develop new models, including the launch of the Model 3 sedan next year, and completed the construction of the world’s largest battery factory. Good earnings this season can help reduce the acquisition of SolarCity resistance and musk to help him raise extra cash. According to Oppenheimer estimates, the combined company may eventually need to raise $12 billion 500 million for 2018 expenditures. Tesla and SolarCity shareholders will decide whether to merge in November 17th. Recommended reading: AirPods delayed sale, apple spokesman: specific time to be determined to set up a regional headquarters in Malaysia, HUAWEI, to open up the South Pacific Internet of things market ready?相关的主题文章: