67 years with red star second for clothes – health Sohu-1926年属相�

67 years with red star second for clothes – Sohu carrying health song, from a fragrance to the national feelings of the sweet sustenance, in the city of Beijing has three thousand years of humanistic history on the land, the Red Star Erguotou carrying Chinese people look forward to a better life, witnessed generations of old people in Beijing growth. Now the capital of the people on the table Erguotou red green bottle, affectionately known as the "big two", it into people’s life, with the opening years of sedimentation of a fragrance, long aftertaste. Jian Guochu "sincere accompany with the same age" — from birth until now, the Red Star Erguotou with the people living together, be handed down from age to age. Beijing long drink wine culture, "a pot of wine is the old Beijing people’s traditional diet, while friends are closer to the" pot "wine distillery break away from home, and then find a good place to drink together to chat. But on the eve of the liberation of Peiping, the national government junk currency [1], agriculture, wine on the verge of collapse, people live worse. Poor and blank, is a true portrayal of the eve of a thousand things wait to be done, the establishment of the new China. In 1949 after the liberation, the new government is committed to promoting the wine industry recovery, to ensure that the national health food, new method of brewing, save food "for the purpose, to build the North China Wine Monopoly Company Experimental Factory (Red Star predecessor) [2], the wine industry of our ancestors devoted for this country’s construction efforts and wisdom of the life of the [3]. In July 1949, after the completion of the experimental plant [4] has received an important notice, to produce a founding gift of wine in the new Chinese formally established before. When junguanhui director Xie Jianying was granted 1 million pounds of millet as "wages", "universal load" vehicles to support experimental plant gift of wine brewing. When the wine bottle is not complete due to the customization of the gift of wine had to use brown beer bottle filling, the iron crown cap has become a major feature of founding gift of wine. Eventually, after several months of sleepless, finally in September 1949, the near before brewing out National Day gift of wine, this is the first batch of "Red Star Erguotou". [5] [1]. from 2008 to 2009, "China price history," the record, when the currency collapsed, prices rose four million nine hundred and twenty-seven thousand times, only to buy $4 rice. [2]. the day of 194 people’s daily in the city of Beijing has twenty-eight "pot" distillery in a difficult business, mixed liquor, lack of management. The new government decided to implement monopoly management of tobacco industry, the establishment of the North China wine monopoly. [3]. for the establishment and development of the factory, there is a woman for it into the blood, she is the Red Star Factory patriarch, the first winery technician Ms. Wang Qiufang. From the recruitment of staff, to build a laboratory to improve the brewing method, Wang Qiufang Pro Pro, in the life and work difficulties are unimaginable today. [3]. "bear all, brewing ideal" is the construction of veteran Ms. Wang Qiufang said, because there is a red star heart, even after drifting, rain, still infatuation does not change his mind, the spirit of brand has been in the winery in passing the torch. .相关的主题文章: