Kardashian and TT Miami on holiday shopping show loving love-headache怎么读�

Kardashian and TT Miami on holiday shopping show loving fingers show loving sina sports news Beijing time on September 19th, NBA new season training camp, the Cavaliers starting center Tristan Thompson and his new girlfriend Kardashian Kohler. Today, there is a Kohler – Kardashian and Thompson together in the Miami shopping photos on social media. Since the outgoing TT and Kohler Kardashian love messages, the first responses are very surprised, but more people did not think that their romance is developing very fast, from going to Mexico on vacation, to watch the concert to go shopping together. Recently, the Kardashian family collective to Miami, a very important reason is Kanye – West (Kim – Kardashian’s husband) concert to help out. This time, don’t forget to take his little boyfriend Tristan went to Miami Kohler, but they are almost inseparable. On the weekend, at the end of the concert after Kanye, Kohler and TT together to go to a local nightclub hi skin, kiss and hug. Today, IG drying out a piece of Kohler and Thompson together in Miami shopping photos. From the photos, they all dressed very casual, TT is a grey vest pants collocation, Kardashian is a waistcoat + ripped jeans, they held, is very affectionate. Thompson’s left hand is carrying shopping bags. NBA new season training camp, Tristan Thompson recently estimated no time did not mind training, because he and Kohler Kardashian stayed together. It’s not a good sign for the defending cavaliers. (Rosen) statement: Sina exclusive articles, reproduced please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: