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[Hubei] joy wash Tour Scenery — Enshi Grand Canyon – Sohu of Enshi tourism is the Grand Canyon "section of the Qingjiang Grand Canyon, it is located in the Yangtze River near the Three Gorges Tunpu Township and town board in Southwest Hubei Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Enshi City, canyon 108 kilometers in length, in which hundreds of thousands of feet of cliff, the waterfall, Du Feng Xiao, Ao primeval forest, ancient villages, beautiful and rich, the biggest feature is the typical Karst landform, overlapping peaks of vertical Canyon cliffs…… The Yunlong River suture, on both sides of a steep cliff, clear bottom water, waterfalls, deep canyon, lush forests, flies rapids. Walking on the bridge from the top down, feeling like a towering cliffs on both sides of equipments, and the surface there are many small stalactites, flying waterfall rain down the stalactites dripping like a string of pearls, we shot away, although drag people down, go in the end, but not the end beauty constantly flashed in the camera, with the real beauty of the camera to record in the cracks, the depth of experience journey to the center of the earth. Some people say: the Grand Canyon of Enshi Grand Canyon is the most beautiful in the world, but also even mesmerizing. Into the Grand Canyon of Enshi, we sat for a long cableway long, quickly, quickly took us to the scenic mountains, such as Dai Toyama, cloud surge, like a fairyland, so we went into the clouds. Our tour guide said along the route, and walk through the first day by only one person in the bottom, and "hanging" along the mountain path along the cliff in the bulge in the outside of the hillside, enjoying the nature brings extraordinary as if done by the spirits. The Grand Canyon of Enshi is connected by three mountains, with a long journey, and it must be completed for 4~6 hours. And there is no shortcut down the mountain, there is no turning back. People are always no retreat of the situation, break the limit of his. See long and steep cliff, only with a spirit of adventure all the way to move forward, and then imperceptibly, will encounter the beauty. We walk in the "cliff Gallery", thrilling, near – peaks, rocks, pines, odd Valley, each of the spots will give us about an old and moving story; overlooking the beautiful mountains and rivers; the myriads of changes of the clouds, overlooking the mountain roads, village people are almost the star cloth. Stand in the path along the cliff, the head is cut at the foot of cliff, cliff Maninsan is really very dangerous! Better a few tourists, was close to the mountain wall move forward, not close to the lateral arm. We have several naughty, naughty and sometimes overlooking the probe, stretch my legs, a laughing, taking pictures, very headstrong. Enshi Grand Canyon is the most magical "incense". It is 150 meters high, the fine part is 4 meters in diameter, stood high at seven village, is the rain does not collapse, the wind blowing down, creating a geological legend, become the Grand Canyon Valley town treasure and a representative image. Standing in front of a column of incense, wishing, praying, everyone in different ways to express the fear and worship of nature. Leave a stick of incense, began to go down, as the saying goes, hard down the mountain easily, in the face of a little downhill Sichuan相关的主题文章: