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To check the financial guarantees and letters of credit in violation of the commitment letter is difficult to contain the exposure of the Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beijing, China Daily reporter recently reported that some financial institutions received a letter from the local finance bureau of Guizhou, to recover the financial commitment letter issued by the Department of Finance for the convenience of some enterprises. The same is the Guizhou area, part of the prefecture level city issued a requirement to carry out financial irregularities and the letter of guarantee issued by the commitment letter of self-examination and rectification work. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reporter learned from the Ministry of finance, urging local department of finance to carry out such self correction activities already exists. In March this year, Fujian finance department has organized the province’s local fiscal violations or letter of guarantee issued by the commitment letter of self correction action. Guizhou this round of inventory caused the parties concerned that the local financial requirements of the withdrawal of the letter of commitment action. Some commentators believe that the local government unilaterally withdraw the request, there are suspected violations. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter repeated interview, the government issued a letter of guarantee no legal effect, the parties have a consensus, but the contents of the letter of commitment to be more complex, but also relatively difficult to define. Such activities organized by the Ministry of finance, such as the purpose of the organization, designed to regulate local government debt financing behavior, to prevent local debt risk. But all over the ongoing inventory activities, indicating that the place is still more disguised debt behavior, risk management difficulties. Is not the case at the end of 9, at the beginning of October, Guizhou and more required inventory finance violations issued letter of guarantee and letter of commitment of self-examination and rectification work, some places have been to the relevant financial institutions issued a "letter of revocation" or "invalid letter". Such as county to the Far East International Leasing issued a statement said, "the letter" commitment to Zhengan County People’s Hospital, bank loans supporting the project funds in violation of the new "budget law" and the "opinions" of the State Council on strengthening local government debt management spirit, the original statement of commitment letter aside, and asked to be returned as soon as possible. Anshun City Finance Bureau to Huang Pu Logistics Park Development Investment Company Limited (the company for the state-owned enterprise, Anshun city development and construction related operational carrier logistics park of the city) issued recovery letter, reclaim the Finance Bureau for the logistics company issued a letter of commitment to the development of the financing lease of Cathay pacific. The reasons are also contrary to the relevant provisions of the "security law" "budget law". Inventory Financial Violations issued a letter of guarantee and commitment letter, whether it is a special action across the country? Twenty-first Century economic report to the Ministry of finance to verify the incident, as of press time, has not yet been officially responded. There is a notice issued by the Ministry of Finance Office of the Commissioner in Zhejiang show that in early September this year Zhejiang finance department has organized for the local government to provide guarantees for the financing of enterprises, self curing income and other issues, reveal the repurchase commitment CDB special construction funds for the office of the Commissioner of Zhejiang in the Zhejiang Department of Finance on the basis of self-examination carried out verification. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Office of the document, the other did not set the evaluation. However, there are local financial officials in Henan, told reporters相关的主题文章: