Three foreign aid is not a problem to resolve the rise of local players in Sichuan help team-月丘うさぎ

Three foreign aid is not a problem the dissolution of local players in Sichuan rising power team last season Sichuan team won the season CBA League to upset the way the championship, after a lot of public opinion by Hadadi, Harris and Deng Dortmund composed of "Deng ha" three foreign aid is the main reason to help Sichuan win. And this season after losing the privilege of three foreign aid, the Sichuan men’s basketball team will therefore be a landslide, becoming a flash in the pan CBA overlord has become a topic of concern to many fans. But during the visit to 110-89 victory in today’s Northern Agricultural team, the Sichuan team players combined for 59 points, to lay the foundation for the victory of the team also eliminates the fans’ concerns. > > technical statistics can not be denied, last season, Sichuan men’s basketball three foreign aid policy does make it a lot of benefit. But in the playoffs, especially in the finals, Sichuan players Zhang Chunjun and Meng Da as the representative of the play a high level, eventually became the X factors of Sichuan upset "". But in the new season, Deng Dortmund’s departure is to make the Sichuan men’s basketball team’s backcourt attack dropped a lot, but the team also timely introduction of the expiration of the contract because the left Xinjiang veteran Liu Wei. Although not as well as Deng Dortmund in vigor, but Liu Wei rich stadium experience can to some extent make up for the decline in exercise capacity of vulnerability, especially his to seize the opportunity to attack and can be regarded as the domestic leader in scheduling the defender. Today, with the North agricultural war, he repeatedly and Hadadi hit a subtle roll with a few times at the same time the storm also shows good physical condition. Today, 40 minutes to win the overall score of 14 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, to prove that age is not the main factor to stop Liu Wei, his role in the team will be more obvious. As the biggest surprise last season, the Sichuan men’s basketball team in the playoffs, Zhang Chunjun show the versatility and strong pressure resistance to the Sichuan men’s basketball team coach group is undoubtedly the most joy. As a defensive started blue collar player, experienced the finals exercise Zhang Chunjun on offense more mature, he turned to the iconic breakthrough in the new season with more skilled, long-range shooting is also very stable. In the game today, and Zhang Chunjun and Hadadi with rhythmical, while he is on the defensive end play stability. Inside and outside he is destined to play an important role in the Sichuan team. Today, the Sichuan men’s basketball team also acquired a young man. Last season also can match on the bench he through the good performance of the preseason to win the trust of the coach, in today’s Sichuan starting center Xu Tao because too many fouls early after the end, Cai Chen to dare Ganpin style to the fans themselves. All 8 shots to score 12 points he does not strive with each other in Batista and Song Kangming this two strong center against 6, and announced his past bid farewell to the role of soy sauce. Hadadi has not yet recovered the best physical condition, Cai Chen will also have more opportunities in the future. In addition to the above three people, Meng Da and Wu Nan two after the same final baptism players also showed a worthy of great responsibility of the. Thus, the finals of the experience for the growth of the local players to help a lot, Sichuan men’s basketball is one of the largest相关的主题文章: