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The South China Sea fleet air group of dozens of successful handling of Spring Festival special lover hand tension data figure: the South China Sea Fleet Lanzhou ship "ah –" today, the shortness of the air defense combat alert sounded, the South China Sea fleet is responsible for combat duty, Lanzhou ship and Yulin ship quickly to the designated area of high-speed vehicle. Fleet combat duty room, the reporter through the video system to clearly see the real scene of ship sea crossing. On the video matrix of the force distribution, the bright spot flashes, and each point represents a ship. On site, the fleet forces soldiers On your marks in an orderly manner, the disposal of air situation. A fleet leader, who is on duty, told reporters that the fleet insisted on forging the maritime force with the spirit of "four iron", promoting the reform tasks with iron general discipline and achieving real results. The Spring Festival to perform combat duty, since they have successfully handled dozens of special air group. On the eve of the Spring Festival, a number of cadres was assigned to fleet theater organs after some tense post office staff. Fleet Party committees actively solve contradictions, break restrictions, optimize joint operation command system and combat readiness forces, so as to ensure efficient and efficient operation. "The more the adjustment of the system, the transformation of the mission of function, the more rely on iron general discipline and firm will, steady and conscientious, can not slack off."." Chen Yifen, who is nearing the highest service life, told reporters. During the Spring Festival, he always adhere to the position, with practical action to write strong army oath. The battlefield is the test of life and death, the reform is a test of loyalty, spirit, consciousness, the realm of "reform in the face of exams, have value, mission, responsibility of the eyes see bearish pros and cons"…… Not long ago, the fleet organization to the southern theater organ work of some cadres collective discussion, we must carry forward the "four iron" spirit, strict political discipline and political rules, striving for Theater Construction trailbreaker. Reporter login fleet lands network, in the "South China Sea" talk "sailors online party" underwater pioneer forum "section, fleet officers around the discipline rules, obey the overall situation of reform continued to discuss topics such as communication, constantly enhance the ideological consciousness and conscious action. During the Spring Festival, the twenty-first batch escort fleet has been carrying out the task, more than 6 months of the Sanya ship sent back a new year video to the fleet. Video, Sanya ship officers and men stressed that discipline will be regarded as the duty of the "amulet", tempted to withstand the test, before the principle of uphold the principle of living, always discipline and rules in front of the actual action to contribute to the reform of the armed forces.

南海舰队春节成功处置数十批海空特情 人手紧张 资料图:南海舰队兰州舰   “呜――”今天,急促的防空战斗警报响起,南海舰队正担负战备值班任务的兰州舰和玉林舰迅速向指定海区高速航行。   舰队作战值班室里,记者通过视频系统清楚看到舰艇航渡的实时场景。兵力分布的视频矩阵上,亮点闪烁,每一个点代表一艘舰艇。在舰队各部队的值班部位,官兵各就各位,紧张有序地处置海空特情。   正在担负值班任务的一名舰队领导告诉记者,舰队坚持用“四铁”精神锻造海上劲旅,以铁一般纪律推动各项改革任务真正落到实处、取得实效。春节执行战备值班任务以来,他们已成功处置数十批海空特情。   春节前夕,舰队一批干部被选调到战区机关工作后,有的机关岗位人手变得紧张。舰队党委积极破解矛盾问题,打破条条框框限制,优化联合作战指挥体制和战备值班兵力力量编成,确保作战编组高效快捷。   “越是在体制编制调整、职能使命转变之际,越要靠铁一般的纪律和坚定意志稳心尽责,一刻也不能懈怠。”已接近最高服役年限的某处处长陈一芬对记者说。春节期间他一直坚守战位,用实际行动书写强军誓言。   “战场考验的是生与死,改革考验的是忠诚、党性、觉悟、境界”“面对改革大考,要有看重使命、看淡得失、看清责任的眼光”……前不久,舰队组织到南部战区机关工作的部分干部集体座谈,大家表示一定发扬“四铁”精神,严守政治纪律政治规矩,争当战区建设开路先锋。   记者登录舰队政工网,在“南海大家谈”“水兵网上党校”“水下尖兵大讲堂”等版块中,舰队官兵围绕严守纪律规矩、服从改革大局等话题持续展开讨论交流,不断增强思想自觉和行动自觉。   春节期间,已经随第21批护航编队执行任务6个多月的三亚舰向舰队传回一段拜年视频。视频中,三亚舰官兵着重提到,会把纪律当做履职尽责的“护身符”,诱惑面前经受住考验,是非面前秉持住原则,时刻把纪律和规矩挺在前面,以实际行动为改革强军贡献力量。相关的主题文章: