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Advertising Prestashop has become popular among web developers in the last few years. It is thought to be the best e commerce solutions for the development of websites and blogs. Prestashop takes the best advantage of the web 2.0 innovations like some features of the AJAX and next generation functional design. Prestashop was founded in the year 2007 by Schlumberger and Bruno Levesque in France, Paris for medium and small sized businesses. It is a CMS (content management system) that works well on all kind of browsers, mobile phones and latest touch devices. The themes and templates are SEO friendly and thus no hardcore coding is required for them. This is the main reason that makes Prestashop the most compatible for CMS of e-commerce website development. If you have any plans to start an e-commerce business within few days, then it is obvious that you will not have time to look for e-commerce management system. In such times prestashop is the best for both small and medium sized businesses. There is no doubt that prestashop is your ultimate solution. Prestashop development is an open source of web development and more than million websites have been created with prestashop. Dynamic features Prestashop offers superfluity of features that helps in maintain dynamic online shopping cart such as product catalog, stocks, shipping, orders, customers, newsletters, coupon codes and much more. These functions are easily manageable by the store owner. You will get both free and commercial add-ons and this makes it a full-fledged solution for an e commerce web development company. Prestashop also supports different modes of payments like such as Google Checkout,, and Skrill, PayPal and Payments Pro via API etc. Cost saving Prestashop offers a large number of features almost more than 275 features that help business owners in increasing their revenues. Apart from that you will get more than 100 modules for free with the tool itself along with 750 add-ons available on the official website of prestashop. Freedom to customize It is free of cost to use but at the same time gives complete freedom to the developers and e-commerce website owners. From customizing theme to design to functionality and templates, any developer or shop owner with a little knowledge of web designing can customize e-commerce sites by following some of the important rules. Easy to use As Prestashop is a total e-commerce development that is based on PHP and utilizes MYSQL database management, it comes with a variety of effective tools for creating, launching and managing shopping cart development without paying a single amount of money. Apart from that it is easy to use and install. Mobile commerce solutions Prestashop simply integrates with mobile applications to create native iPhone/ Android app for your e commerce stores with less effort and time. This has made it easier to connect with people all over the globe. A better guide for customers Prestashop has a smooth and appealing interface for e commerce website development. It offers commendable experience to the visitors and customers by wisely guiding them through the website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: