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Travel-and-Leisure RAJASTHAN Rajasthan epitomizes all that dreams are made of. Think architecturl monuments built with studied detail, stunning handicrafts and glittering gems and you think of Rajasthan. Talk of picture perfect lakes, shimmering golden deserts, wild life sanctuaries, throbbing towns, cattle fairs or pulsating festivals, effervescent colours, touching hospitality and you think of Rajasthan. It is perhaps the only state that endures an enigma to the traveler long after the vestiges of the royals have turned sepia. Here tradition blends seamlessly with the modern, resonating exuberance. The land narrates tales of chivalry, valour, royal extravagance, an affluent tradition, and talks of dynasties and the rulers, as if it were just yesterday. Define your quest… be your own enchiridion or the guide, pick a circuit, or a destination and set out to explore. From the sun kissed sand dunes in Jaisalmer to shimmering lakes in Udaipur, magnficient forts and places dot the states picturesque landscape. From enchanting shekhawati frescoes, a feast for the art connoisseurs, to piety to Pushkar, famous Jain temples at mt.Abu and national park at ranthambore (Rajasthan wildlife tour), the land is a kaleidoscope of sundry hues. From the gourmand the land is an epicurean delight. Rajasthan is a rich mosaic of heritage and cultural diversities. Each quaint town churns out an indigenous recipe that deserves mention. If there is a ubiquitous daal-baati-choorma,ker sangria and laal maas there also is Jodhpur mawa ki kachori,alwar ka mawa,bikaneri rasgullas,Pushkar maal puas et al. Apart from that, to cater to the .fort to the traveler there are options aplenty. From bed and breakfast there is a large range of Rajasthan travel packages to fit in any budget.Rail, road and air network thread the length and width of the state. And no matter how often you have been here-the subsequent trip will stupefy you, nevertheless. In Rajasthan there is always something right for you no matter what you are looking for-natural splendors such as hills, lakes and sand dunes, some forgotten village or temple town, some interesting archaeological site or an exquisite craft. Look beyond the clichs that Rajasthan a colorful land of contrasts,ora fairy tale land of kings and you realize that Rajasthan does have a large and magnificent array of cultural treasure ranging from museums and monuments, fabulous shopping and a wealth of architectural heritage that ranges from awesome forts, palaces and temples to other impressive structures..youll breathe in the past as you explore narrow cobbled lanes of medieval fairy tale cities and lonely ruins of deserted towns. Wait. Theres more. Throw in the famed fairs and festivals with their peppy, foot tapping music and tradition dance and you have a state that is vibrant and magical gives you an exquisite mix of tradition and modernity. Experiences that will make you .e back for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: