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Health Natural mineral skin care & beauty products = dead sea Skin Care Products and they have astonishing curative effects! These surprising healing properties of minerals of the Dead Sea have once again been confirmed by the scientists. German Dermatologists tested the effect of dead sea water on the skin. The volunteers soaked one hand in the rich in minerals water from the Sea of Salt and on another hand – in normal water, for few minutes. Such water procedures proceeded for several weeks, and already after first several days the difference was incredible: the dead sea water acted on the skin the same as moisturizing cream. The skin was softer, and it’s color improved. The most beautiful woman in history, Cleopatra had a secret weapon to treat her skin. According to legends, she received as a gift on regular basis magical water from the dead sea. What was the reason of such tremendous result? According to German dermatologists, the secret is in high maintenance of salts and magnesium in water from the Dead Sea. This magical sea is a nature’s treasure. Not only magnesium, but also mix of other minerals, are a part of its water and mud. Even the rheumatism and arthritis can be cured on the "Lowest point of earth". People in the Dead Sea area can benefit from the natural healing effect of the dead sea and it’s area, it is a proven fact by scientists. "Add dead sea minerals to curative ointments to increase the chances of a curative effect" said Galen – Roman historian and Doctor, more then two thousands years ago. Recently researchers from one of the Israeli universities have checked up, whether the natural mineral magical mud from the Sea of Salt can help with Arthritis. The volunteers that agreed to take part in research, have lodged in hotel on coast of the Dead Sea (near to a one of King Tyrant’s resort palaces. Was it the cause for his extraordinaire health and long life he lived?). They soaked in baths with dead sea salt, used the Mud, both patients and doctors were shocked by the results that were beyond their best expectations. Scientists justification was, that it is a result of joint action of the micro-cells contained, in a unique set, in Salt Sea mud and water. Now we know that in addition to the rejuvenating, cosmetic effect, dead sea natural mineral cosmetics have medical properties. Queen Cleopatra and wise King Solomon followed advice of their doctors and quite often soaked in baths enriched with Dead Sea Salts and applied it’s Mud to their skin, they were lucky to leave next to the Dead Sea. Thanks to today’s technology these products are available and well-liked in every corner of the world, among healthy and ill, young and old, attractiveand those who want to be.e pretty. Dead sea Skin Care Products will not substitute soaking in the mystical and the attracting "biggest natural spa", but use of these products is the natural method to health and beauty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: