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Business For most retirees I’m sure you remember the feeling of excitement and anticipation that began as you realized you were on a final countdown to working for a living. If you are currently looking to retire soon, I’m sure you understand ALL of what I’m saying. You cannot wait to have more time to spend with your loved ones or just to kick back and relax. Just do whatever you want! Retirement is something that everyone looks forward to but unfortunately, as people .e up on it, they find that it’s not the dream that we have dreamed our entire career. Some people actually find retirement to be boring without the feeling of achievement they felt during their careers. This is where I gladly remind you that life and even retirement is what you make of it. Using a system, like life coaching online, can help you find the freedom to effectively enjoy every second of every minute in every day! There are many ways to enjoy your life as a retiree. First before you can enjoy your life though, you must .e to accept the fact that you are retired. It may take some time to accept that you don’t have many obligations as you did when you worked. Whether you want to believe it or not, putting together lists is one of the best steps towards time management. I know it sounds crazy but "to-do" lists are very powerful. I’m not talking about "go grocery shopping" or anything like that. I am simply talking about things you want to do or achieve before you die. Guess one of the best examples is a movie that came out recently called "Bucket List". A .edy about two old friends who make a list as I stated above and go on a journey to achieving all things listed. (Just a friendly suggestion for you) Once you have .piled a list of everything that you wish to ac.plish and achieve in your life the next step is to establish a solid routine. Look at your "me" time as your job, in that, you do these activities on schedule as you would be at a job. But, make sure, that whatever you do needs to be a reminder of how much you can enjoy life and not dread it. A life coach online can help you to plan your time so that you can realistically achieve your goals in the timeframe you want. If you are privileged enough to already be retired but time management is not on your side and think you may need a little extra help, this is where life coaching online can help tremendously. Even if you’re just a short few years away from retirement, life coaching online may be what you need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: