Seals Acquitted Of Beating A Terrorist-魔界骑士イングリッド

Politics Once in a while there is some good news to report, and today is one of those days. The third member of the Seal Team that captured Ahmed Hashim Abed was exonerated on Friday, and as they say, Seals 3 Arab Terrorists 0. Its important to understand the findings here. This isnt a not guilty by reasonable doubt. This is a finding that the three Seals, (heros all), were found innocent of the charges. This was a clusterf from the beginning. It was so big a CF that the .manding General had to issue his own statement after the trials saying that his hands were tied by what the Seals did in their own defense, and so he had to take the matter to a courts martial. (YehI believe that .mand cock and bull story.) Seals are a special breed. What the .mand did was offer them a letter of reprimand for doing their job. They refused to accept a punishment, and the stigma of the letter, and this pissed off the .mand structure, (which takes its marching orders from .mander Dithers.) The General then ordered the courts martial, and he withheld evidence that would have exonerated the men before anybody had to walk down this road. Secondly, the .mand put the word of a slimeball terrorist before one of its own. (Thats a move that is guaranteed to lower morale in a high stakes survival game.) Civilian attorneys working pro bono for the Seals, (that is for no fee), discovered the .mand malfeasance, and brought it before the judge, who ruled against the .mand. The judge had very harsh words for General Cleveland, (whom I would have forced into immediate retirement, and probably at a lower grade.) At this point the General intimated to the media that he was carrying out orders from the Chief of Staff, who works with .mander Dithers. The attorney for Petty Officer McCabe, Monica Lombardi, a twenty year veteran of the Coast Guard, said General Cleveland was very poorly served by his advisors. (.manding Generals advisors are usually very high ranking civilians, such as White House lawyers, or movers and shakers in the Justice Department, or the Attorney General himself.) These clowns thought it necessary to appease a mass murderer, a remorseless killer of Americans, and his own people, because they gave him a split lip? That they poked his tummy? Somewhere General Patton is rolling over in his grave, along with a host of other brave men who laid down their lives for this country. The only thing .mander Dithers and his ilk are laying down is their integrity. God Bless The Seals, and the brave men and women who acquitted them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: