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Writing-and-Speaking English grammar is a subject that truly frustrates many people. Regardless of educational level, nationality or age, grammar and spelling seem to baffle many people. And if someone has a learning disability like dyslexia, using correct grammar seems like an almost impossible feat. Using correct grammar can be difficult for those who have English as their mother tongue, but for those who speak other languages, English and it’s .plexities can be especially confusing. While a dictionary can be helpful, it will not give answers to grammar questions. Even word processing programs can fail to give the much-needed help in correcting grammar errors that are blatantly wrong. What can a person do, therefore, to improve their English grammar? There are several things that might help someone struggling in this area. First of all, it might help to be with people who use correct grammar when they talk and read material that uses good grammar structure within the English language. Since everyone learns his or her native language by listening, even from back to the time of infancy, it reasons that if he or she listens to and reads material with good grammatical structure, they will slowly learn the correct way to write and say things. A grammar book with practical examples and explanations for the rules of English grammar may be most helpful also. It may not be necessary to understand every detail and concept, but with good examples and practice exercises, one can learn much about correctly forming sentences that are grammatically precise. Learning rules and doing exercises can be monotonous at times, so it will take much patience to continue to learn. One can usually over.e most important grammatical problems through trial and error and consistent practice time. One of the most helpful ways to learn and understand English grammar is to hire a tutor. In order to make progress, one needs to know when he is making mistakes. With a tutor, a person can work on sentences and phrases throughout the week and then have a tutor check them. A student will be more accountable to a tutor, so he can improve his grammar skills, while answering to his tutor. It is hard to learn sometimes and grammar seems to be a boring subject to many people. The personal touch of a tutor, however, can make the learning experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Although dyslexia and other learning disabilities are difficult to over.e, there is no doubt that people with these problems have the ability to improve. Those with language problems are fortunate because there is software available that can help them improve their writing skills. Personalized reports are even generated on some of these programs; .mon spelling errors can then be observed and corrected. .mon dyslexia writing errors can then be seen by anyone who is interested – students, professionals and teachers. It has been considered why English grammar seems to be difficult for some people. There are many factors that can contribute to this. Someone who is born with a learning disability such as dyslexia cannot help the fact that English grammar is difficult to learn. It is not un.mon, however, for people to get through school without truly understanding or learning the rules of English grammar. This could be due to lack of quality teachers, parental support or just laziness on the part of the student. Because some people struggle so much with grammar, many teachers will not emphasize its importance and students are pushed to the next grade. Those who have a different native tongue will have an especially hard time with English grammar. If your mother-tongue is close to English in some ways, then English grammar will be easier for you. It may be harder to understand and learn English grammar if your native tongue is very different from English in its roots. All languages have their own idiosyncrasies and take time and patience to conquer. Learning and understanding English grammar can be made easier or more difficult based on several factors. If a person is older, his memory may not be as good as it used to be. Some people just seem to learn easier than others and have a greater aptitude for language. Other things that can make a big difference are having consistent exercises and learning and also having confidence as you learn. Thankfully, there are tools, books, and tutors available to help those who struggle. Many .puter programs and websites give huge amounts of information and downloads that can help a person to use correct English grammar and/or learn the English language better. Even if a person continues to struggle with English grammar, there are tools available to help them correct their grammar and spelling errors so they can write without unnecessary and embarrassing mistakes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: