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Real-Estate When considering what type of international real estate investment to make, you will likely want to think about exchange rates in .parison to property costs in the various countries you examine. That brings us to New Zealand real estate. In northern New Zealand, their dollar is worth about $0.53. To put it in perspective, a three bedroom home there can start at about $115,000 New Zealand dollars which exchanges out to about $60,000 US dollars. These rates coupled with the beauty of the region means that a New Zealand real estate investment can mean either a new home or simply a great investment for you. International real estate can be sticky and difficult to read, but New Zealand has shown great returns over the years. In addition, you may want to think about making your New Zealand real estate purchase one for your new permanent home. Look in places like Havelock North, a small village with Old World Charm. The homes in the village have nice gardens and a beautiful natural feel to them. For your New Zealand real estate investment you may also want to look for bargains closer to the familiar Auckland, New Zealand. This hotbed of international real estate investment offers familiarity, a great location, and with the US dollars strength in New Zealand, it is a great investment. About 90 minutes up a highway that is soon to be finished from Auckland, you will find an area called the La Pointe Beach Estates. This area is just waiting for the international real estate market to catch on to it. This New Zealand real estate will put buyers close to Auckland, but near the coast and the beauty of New Zealands outer reaches. What this all means is that New Zealand real estate is perfect for those looking to invest in international real estate. Not only is the US dollar in good shape against the New Zealand dollar, but it also offers many bargains across many regions of the country. Investors and immigrants from Britton, Europe, and North America are already realizing that New Zealand real estate may not only be a good investment, but may also be a lifestyle change. With an international real estate purchase, you will find yourself with access to swimming, fishing, diving, hiking, and camping in some of the best venues in the world for these sports. So when you start to think about an international real estate purchase, you may want to think not just in terms of investment. New Zealand real estate offers the opportunity to move abroad and enjoy a laid back and picturesque lifestyle among some of the friendliest people in world. The dollars strength will also allow you to make your international real estate purchase one with little worry. New Zealand real estate is beautiful, a solid investment, and may even be a great final real estate purchase for your next life or your retirement. International real estate is not just about vacations or quick profits anymore. It can also be about lifestyle and a relaxing retirement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: