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Happiness Do you want to rediscover a natural source of happiness that many of us tend to overlook in this modern hectic world? Its available to all of us, twenty-four hours a day. Its free. Its as close as your own backyard. And best of all, it works. Ill reveal it to you in just a second, however first I need to point out one potential problem. Unfortunately this source of happiness is so obvious that many of us take it for granted. Many of you reading this article will dismiss the idea as too simple, and will just continue on with your search for happiness elsewhere. WRONG! Happiness is simple. I challenge you to try this approach and to see for yourself whether it works for you or not. Take action. Youve got nothing to lose. Ok, so what is this source of happiness? Nature! Thats right, the natural environment. Its here right now for your own enjoyment. And personally, I find it to be one of the most effective ways to change your focus away from yourself and your problems, and direct it out to the world around you. Depressed people tend to mope about the house .plaining, worrying or stressing about their problems. Happy people will get out and enjoy life. So lets pretend for a moment that were happy, and make a determined effort to get back to nature. I promise you wont be pretending for long. Happiness waits outside. Rediscover your own backyard, or your front porch. Sit and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature. Watch the birds and insects busily go about their lives. Watch the trees sway in the breeze. Pack a picnic lunch and head off by yourself or with some friends to a park with a nice view. Take a trip to the mountains where you could sit for a lifetime and never get sick of the view. Ride a motorbike on the open highway, or drive in your car with the windows down, and enjoy the countryside. It doesnt matter where you live. Nature is there right alongside you. And beauty can be found everywhere. Even in the inner city. Find the local park areas and make use of them. Or sit on a bench and watch the pigeons. Or watch the clouds pass overhead. What if you dont like your surroundings? What if you live and work at an open-pit mine site, for example. Simple! Narrow your focus down to one single point. Perhaps one single stone or blade of grass? Look at it with amazement and wonder. Enjoy the experience. And when youre ready expand your focus slightly and gradually to take in larger and larger areas. The truth you will discover is that nature is never ugly or disgusting. Its just that YOU chose to perceive it that way. Now you know better. Anywhere you can find nature, in any form, youve found a potential source of happiness. The key is where you focus your thoughts. Dont sit on the beach worrying about your financial problems or the latest drama with your friends. Whatever problem your mind is focussed on, just turn it off for a short while. Take your mental focus off yourself and direct it to your natural surroundings. Watch the waves roll in. Listen to the sounds of the waves crashing on the sand. Watch and listen to the children playing in the water. Feel the cool sea breeze on your skin. Take your attention away from yourself, and focus it on your natural surroundings. Look at the world with love and gratitude. Say thank you to the life that exists all around you. Its impossible to be depressed while youre expressing true love. Its impossible to be sad while youre expressing true gratitude. So get out and enjoy nature. And be happy! By Lance Beggs Copyright 2005 Lance Beggs. All Rights Reserved. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: