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8848 mobile phone experience: a feeling of luxury, who will love the Su wild Sohu – Sohu technology digital domestic luxury mobile phone mobile phone from the 8848 rookie last year to enter the market, launched the second generation 8848 M3 this year. The global limit continuation of last year’s mobile phone design, and joined the design elements of the watch, the price to sell 9999 yuan. 8848 M3 (hereinafter referred to as M3) is divided into three versions, exclusive version of pure black, the price of 9999 yuan; M3 fashion edition price 12999 yuan, with light brown leather; M3 top version of the black leather collocation 18K gold-plated frame, the price of 15999 yuan. I got the exclusive edition, and no 18 K, there is no light brown leather body, but the body around the power button and volume keys is golden, on the back of the camera and the LED lights are designed to protect the golden circle. The most interesting thing for me is the SIM card slot with the 8848 trademark location, the outer cover is a rotary buckle design, SIM card slot can also open the lid 80 degrees. However, placed face up, feel the back of the glass slightly loose, this is why I do not dare to just throw this heavy mobile phone, that it. However, in fact, the back of the M3 glass, lens and flash surface are sapphire material, wear-resistant anti scratch, high hardness. In order to ensure the positive impact, using Corelle gorilla glass, in order to protect the front screen, enhance airframe strength, M3 adopts the titanium body skeleton, look carefully, the front glass screen surrounded by a sufficient distance. It is worth mentioning that the details of the fuselage side as well as the exposed parts of titanium alloy, the use of nail pattern design, a substantial increase in the cost of the process. Appearance can say there are many, such as seen in the high-end mobile phone at present only the embossed leather (enjoy is the first layer of leather), most of them are on the back of the fuselage of the leather, but also from above and below the parcel to the front, beautiful visual comparison. Ordinary phones will not be designed in this way, after all, this design will affect the headset interface and the location of the charging port. Data interface and headset interface M3 are respectively arranged on both sides of the fuselage, the charge is not what is needed, music type L interface headset, however a lot of nonsense, or it should be said that the boss must not listen to commonly used mobile phone, phone is Bluetooth, so it makes sense to design. In terms of hardware, M3 using Qualcomm MSM8976, support 4G full Netcom, 4GB LPDDR3 running memory, 128GB storage space body, 5 inches 1080P resolution screen of SHARP IGZO, 500W and 2100W pixel camera, built-in 3200mAh battery, body weight control in 180g, the weight is the weight of the upper limit of the current mobile phone, but also a weight the handle of the. M3 runs a customized version of the titanium OS operating system based on Android 6, supports encrypted calls and dual systems. In addition to encryption calls,.相关的主题文章: