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A 67 year old man behind the cornea donation making at least two people to regain the light original title: 67 year old donate corneal   at least two to bring the light of modern gold report (reporter correspondent Zhu Ying He Yan) yesterday morning, Cixi Longshan 67 year old Ms. Kim Jin Ao Cun died. At the eye hospital of Ningbo, the doctors and Kim’s family bowed to their body three bows, and the doctor carefully removed her cornea to help her finish her last wish. According to daughter Huang introduced, the mother is the director of the village committee, secretary, usually very helpful, is a warm-hearted person. The village who all love something, ask her for help, she never refuse. A few years ago, mother diagnosed with lung cancer, the old man is calm in the face, in the struggle with the disease at the same time, she is always thinking about the use of limited life to do some contribution to the society, so in 2014 on the initiation of the cornea donation idea, and fill in the registration form of cornea donation, decided to donate corneas to bring light to others. The family is also very supportive of the old man’s ideas. At the end of life, the old man was unable to speak, but she was still concerned about the cornea donation. She tried her best to say "peel" intermittently……" "2000"". Ms. Huang explained: "the mother said," peel ‘, is donated cornea, she felt his cornea to give bring light to people in need, is a very happy thing, as if you have been born again, can let other people continue to look at the world instead of her. There is also ‘2000’, is also the mother has been talking about things, she wanted to donate corneas 2000 yuan condolence money donated to charity. She was always willing to help others, willing to contribute, helping others with too many things to count." Ms. Jin’s corneas were sealed. Wu Guohai, vice president of Ningbo Eye Hospital, said: "Madam Jin’s cornea can bring light to at least two people.". We’ll contact the patients with eye diseases as soon as possible and perform surgery to brighten the cornea of another person. We also hope to donate the cornea of charity, can infect and drive more people to pass love." Editor in chief: Li Tianyi 67岁老人身后捐献角膜 至少让两人重获光明   原标题:67岁老人身后捐献角膜 至少给两人带来光明   现代金报讯(通讯员 朱颖 记者 贺艳) 昨天上午,慈溪龙山金岙村67岁金女士离开了人世。宁波市眼科医院角膜取材组医生和金女士的家人恭敬地向其遗体三鞠躬,随后,医生小心翼翼地取下了她的角膜,帮助她完成最后的心愿。   据女儿黄女士介绍,妈妈身前是村委会的主任、书记,平时非常乐于助人,是个热心人。村里谁家有事,都喜欢找她帮忙,她也从来不推辞。   几年前,妈妈查出患有肺癌,老人也是坦然面对,在与病魔抗争的同时,她也总想着利用有限的生命再为社会做点贡献,于是在2014年就萌生了捐献角膜的想法,并填写了眼角膜捐献登记表,决定身后捐献角膜给他人带来光明。家里人也都非常支持老人的想法。   在生命的最后时刻,老人已经无法说话,但她却依然挂念角膜捐献的事情。她用尽全力,一直断断续续说着“剥……”、“2000”。黄女士解释道:“妈妈说的‘剥’,就是捐献角膜,她觉得自己的眼角膜能给有需要的人带来光明,是一件非常幸福的事情,仿佛自己也得到了重生,可以让其他人代替她再继续看着这个世界。还有‘2000’,也是妈妈一直念叨的事,她是想把捐献角膜的2000元慰问金全部捐给慈善总会。她一辈子乐于助人,乐于奉献,帮助别人的事情多得数也数不清。”   金女士取下的角膜被封存。宁波市眼科医院吴国海副院长说:“金女士的眼角膜至少能给两人带来光明。我们会尽快联系上所需要的眼疾患者,并实施手术,让她的眼角膜点亮另一个人的光明。我们也希望捐献角膜的善举,能感染和带动更多人传递爱。” 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: