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A group of "grass root", created the challenge of pure electric Tesla SUV! Sohu car mentioned electric car, you can think of what? Low speed elderly scooter twenty thousand or thirty thousand? Tesla like this level of luxury electric cars? Today we have to chat with Uncle brick Xiaopeng car that many people do not know what it is made through the photos you can see, the car beta Xiaopeng version is a compact size of SUV. With visual trumpchi GS4 almost the same size, because they do not need a vehicle inlet design, there is some concept of science fiction fan children, but also the basic and final production will not have too big difference. Because it is also the Beta version of the model, do not take the standard production car to look at it, some seemingly unreasonable design should also continue to improve. But overall, this SUV car Xiaopeng attached great importance to the practicability, space, storage and so on some of the design are very creative. Power on the car, the official is to have two drive and four-wheel drive version two, 0-100km h accelerated performance was 7.9 seconds (two drive version) and 5.8 seconds (four-wheel drive version). In fact, the car also provides Xiaopeng site test drive, but only open to a small part of people, so the actual driving performance on the car, uncle may have had a brick to tell you: Yes, Xiaopeng cars can provide more test drive opportunities. Summary: Brick t think Xiaopeng car is make people feel reliable, the first is the core members are from the automobile industry elite young, their intention is to build a price close to the people, are interesting for electric vehicle. And they don’t play tricks, focus on technology research and development; secondly, it is because the young, so Xiaopeng cars have fast learning, attention ability of Internet user experience, so in the car and commercial thinking, more fit the needs of young people. The first batch of production car car Xiaopeng about off the assembly line at the end of 2017, you don’t feel the pure electric vehicles is very far away from you, then change the technology upgrade, maybe three or four years later, you will probably be one of thousands of owners of it.相关的主题文章: