A Jiao fat little legs + kylin arm stylist and we can talk about it.-k-boxing

A Jiao fat little legs + kylin arm stylist we talk about lead: A Jiao recently unveiled a photo exposed activities, everyone would feel wrong, a strapless dress let A Jiao this strong arms look more ferocious, we how A Jiao became so fat?! Stylist, let’s talk! (source: PClady) A Jiao     A Jiao is really fat, this is really not rely others, but to expose weaknesses star is wrong, six meters tall A Jiao made a blessing you let her flesh this is senior black! And the dark, black sneakers, too casual! A Jiao     after A Jiao in the activity to replace the sports shoes hot eye, JiaBuZhu has come, can you change the artillery guns ranging from shoes, people come to grab speed shoot ah! The tragedy of A Jiao turned into a three meter "habi" visual sense, even small strong legs are completely unmasked… A Jiao     to say that the first two is the angle of the problem, so we come to a serious hard, you can still see that the fat of the A Jiao is very Meng and very fierce, right? While still leaving the meat armpit… Skirt is also a big robe + no modification, it is said that A Jiao is now the head of the weight of the skirt to support the 120 pounds of the visual sense, not to mention the white! A Jiao     A Jiao Yang long avoid this thing is not done for the first time, earlier in the event, she is also a perfect show their own Unicorn arm, see this style or deliberately exposed the largest part of the meat… Fan Bingbing     Yu kylin arm far more than A Jiao, but the actress who also has its own "stick", such as Fan Xiaopang admitted his classmates really taboo wearing cut sleeveless dress, but the director also played a trick on her, the summer release of the Jedi "escape", we must also remember her a stunning debut scenes? This skirt and to help Fan Xiaopang "the butcher". In contrast, the left and right arm with the same… Fan Bingbing   Fan Xiaopang   the other has been talked about everyone, our entertainment circle the most prestigious topic goddess, nearly two years of styling beauty like, but occasionally there will still be the significant fat shape, cover the arms and highlight the presence of kylin arm skirt body, light to see this is Fan Xiaopang you can also feel her heart has collapsed… Fan Bingbing     Fan Xiaopang and Li Chen’s "Kangxi" is said, how to cover the strong arms, showing only small arms such look thinner parts in various occasions van chubby also do so, even if only a knot is also useful in the shoulder! Gong Li     our "Gong emperor" has shocked the world of the rich aesthetic, to the Tang Dynasty beauty should be grand and magnificent… In compelling strapless, Gong Li will choose the more prominent advantages of their dress, what you see is the world’s most sexy "jewelry exhibition" not only stay in the eyes of kylin arm. Gong Li     a lot of people would choose this perspective.相关的主题文章: