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.munications What .es up to your head if you hear the word RED? Colors mainly .prises of light made up of different wavelengths which in turn our brain interprets and .bines into one clear cohesive picture, at least that’s what Google says. Physiology-wise, the color red is linked with blood, or having an emergency situation. In an emotional sense, red stands for anger and detest. Resembling lovely taste, a wine is typically colored red, hence the term "Red Wine"; in the fairy story Snow White, the red apple symbolized an enchanted apple; Love also is resembled by the color red during valentines day in contrast the red scarlet letter which stands for betrayal, sin and guiltiness. The Ruby is admired, The Redshirts are champions and the Lady in Red is sensually likeable and provocative. Overall, the colour red bears for a mixed emotions of love and hatred. I have always envied red-haired girls. I find them vibrant and attractive like Julianne Moore, Debra Messing, Allyson Hannigan and Isla Fisher to cite a few. Ive invariably sought to be identical to them but I cannot afford to dye my hair red. It just doesn’t .pliment my skin tone that is basically why I’d rather select to implement the color red on my things than on myself. My search for red things on the internet has brought me to one specific item which caught my attention, the newly launched red mobile phone made by Vodafone. When I saw this handset it instantly represented a feel of style and sophistication with all the latest characteristics you may look for in a mobile phone included. The VF533 Vodafone has 4G SD storage that allows you to store files such as MP3s, photos and numerous others. This memory enlargement capableness will by all odds permit you to store more tracks for you to hear with the integrated MP3 player and also support more images after getting remarkable moments with the integrated photographic camera. Furthermore, the Vodafone VF533 Red .es full with a 1.3 megapixel camera that permits you to seize all the memorable moments anytime and anyplace. Find yourself with nothing to do while waiting at a bus stop or waiting at the airport for your airplane to begin boarding passengers? No problem, the Vodafone VF533 red will definitely prevent you from being bored with its integrated games which is certain to keep you amused. With all the newest features consolidated in this mobile phone, it still keeps its .paratively cheap price. The remarkable cheap price had me in astonishment and surprise. As a solid believer of the expression that goes "great things .e in small packages", I never imagined that remarkable things may .e in very inexpensive packages as well. Its about time to get the innovative Vodafone VF533 Red. Who ever thought that being provocative in red can be this inexpensive? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: