A Somali airliner was forced to crash after being bombed, and public opinion is suspected of terrori-noreply

A Somali airliner bomb landed suspected terrorist attack – public Sohu news for big hole was blown out of the aircraft [Global Times special correspondent in the UK sun micro] 2 local time, the airliner exploded in flight after an emergency landing. The accident resulted in one death and two injuries. Some people suspected that the explosion was a terrorist attack. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on 2, the Airbus A321 aircraft belonging to talok airlines from Somalia, Somalia was scheduled to fly to Djibouti, there are 60 people on the plane. Only 5 minutes after the plane took off from Muqdisho airport, a bomb was suspected to blow a big hole on the side of the fuselage. Previously, a passenger was sucked out of a hole 14 thousand feet high. The news has been confirmed by Somali authorities. 18 miles north of Muqdisho, Mohamed Hassan, a police officer near Ballard Town, said the local residents had found an old man’s body, probably from an accident plane. At that time the plane of the Somali ambassador to the United Nations Deputy Representative Orwell? Coolaney on Facebook recalled, "he heard a loud noise, a few seconds later saw smoke", when the recovery after the passengers realize the visibility, the aircraft "quite a part not". Another passenger named Ali told The Associated Press, "after the explosion, I didn’t know whether it was a bomb or an electric shock, but we heard a loud noise on the side of the plane."". At present, the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. A source told CNN on 2, preliminary investigation results show that the aircraft was hit by explosives. The pilot of the flight also said in a media interview that the bomb caused the explosion. The pilot said, fortunately, the aircraft control system is not damaged, so it landed safely. Former U.S. National Transportation Safety Board member John Golley? High sub analysis said that the only bomb or caused by metal fatigue crack will cause such a hole in the side of the plane. However, the Somali government and the darlot Airlines said that now is too early to attack "". But some public opinion believes that the explosion is likely to be a terrorist attack. The Daily Mail says Islamic extremist forces are running amok in Somalia, where they have created deadly attacks in the country.

索马里一民航客机被炸后成功迫降 舆论怀疑是恐袭-搜狐新闻 图为客机被炸出的大洞   【环球时报驻英国特约记者 孙微】当地时间2日,索马里一架民航客机在飞行中发生爆炸后紧急迫降。事故造成一人死亡、两人受伤。有人怀疑爆炸是一场恐怖袭击。   据英国《每日邮报》2日报道,出事的空客A321客机隶属索马里达洛航空公司,原定从索马里飞往吉布提,机上有60人。该飞机自摩加迪沙机场起飞仅5分钟后,疑似一枚炸弹在机身侧面炸开一个大洞。此前有报道称,一名乘客在1.4万英尺的高空被炸开的洞吸出。该消息已经得到索马里官方证实。在摩加迪沙以北18英里巴拉德镇附近的警官穆罕默德?哈桑表示,当地居民发现一具老人的尸体,可能是从出事飞机上落下来的。   当时在飞机上的索马里驻联合国副代表奥威尔?库拉尼在脸谱上回忆说,他“听到一声巨响,几秒钟后看到了浓烟”,当恢复能见度后,乘客们意识到飞机“有相当一部分没了”。另一名叫阿里的乘客告诉美联社,“爆炸发生后,我不知道是炸弹还是电击,但我们在飞机一侧听到巨响”。   目前,此次爆炸的原因还在调查。有消息人士2日对美国有线电视新闻网透露,初步的调查结果显示飞机遭到了爆炸物袭击。此次航班的飞行员在接受媒体采访时也表示,是炸弹造成了此次爆炸。该名飞行员表示,幸运的是,飞机控制系统没有损坏,所以才得以安全降落。美国国家运输安全委员会前委员约翰?高戈利亚分析说,只有炸弹或因金属疲劳引起的爆裂才会在飞机侧面造成这样的洞。   不过,索马里政府和达洛航空公司都表示,现在认定是爆炸袭击“为时过早”。但一些舆论认为,此次爆炸很可能是一场恐怖袭击。《每日邮报》称,伊斯兰极端势力在索马里横行,他们在这个国家制造了多起致命性的袭击。相关的主题文章: