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A woman took out 10 yuan fare playing a bowl of beef noodles pull wandering Beijing story – a 18 year old female anchor network, dressed, looks sweet and beautiful, which belongs to the back that a high rate of. She hit the car, but finally because they could not pay the fare by the driver pulled into the police station…… The public security police strange, beef noodles please a female anchor to eat a bowl of 10 yuan in the street. A woman’s heart slowly opened, behind is actually a saddening story. The 18 year old woman took out ten yuan hit a taxi fare at noon on November 22nd, a car carrying passengers a taxi into the Hangzhou Fuyang west station gate. The driver was a middle-aged man, a loud voice: "there are people doing not pay, some people do not pay bus." After the car is parked, walked out of a girl, very young, very beautiful, some formal, awkward expression. "I didn’t mean it. I thought there was money in WeChat’s purse." She explained in a whisper. The hall is the work of Fuyang Public Security Bureau police Xu Guoping immediately understood what was going on. Originally, the girl took a taxi to the local Darunfa supermarket, after it was found to have no money, can’t pay the fare. The driver tried to give the girl some time in, but the passengers did not seem to fit the driver — some angry, took her to the police station. A piece of cake, Xu Guoping quickly mediation end, the driver left, the little girl stood still. "It seems to be a sudden end of a major event, the original shy and helpless expression quickly eased down." Xu Guoping describes the state of the little girl. At the same time, he felt very strange, a fashionable dress up how the little girl will not be able to get a taxi fare? Xu Guoping is going to ask further, the little girl is very exclusive, but also said she had a million dollars to talk about the transaction, have to hurry. Xu Guoping feel wrong, immediately report to the police on duty. Perhaps because of the previous coordination, the little girl wore a uniform Xu Guoping with confidence. In the conversation, the little girl said she didn’t eat lunch, who really do not have a penny. A bowl of beef noodles pull up to 4 years of wandering story police station dining time has passed, Xu Guoping took the girl to the police station on the edge of the noodle shop, a bowl of beef noodles for her. Eat beef noodles, the little girl said that she was from Guizhou, surnamed Yang, now 18 years old, 14 years old when she and her family angry after leaving home, has been drifting for 4 years, to Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hunan, Fujian and other places, the world suffered hardships. "Although I miss my parents very much, I don’t have the courage to go home." So, at the beginning of this year, Yang drifting to Hangzhou Fuyang, because no source of livelihood, she gradually came into contact with the network, network and network red anchor — not long ago, loves to sing and dance the Yang began through a live broadcast platform with anchor. She said, the network anchors look bright and easy, but in fact, sometimes a day’s income may be only tens of dollars. After dinner, Xu Guoping took Yang back to the police station, on duty leaders also learned about the general situation of Yang yang. "We should try our best to help her find her family." In the understanding of the detailed status information by checking the girl "相关的主题文章: