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Software Few years back, it was really not affordable to use this Cv management tool for all businesses or .panies. Only big firms and corporations used this tool for the recruitment process. They used this software for talent acquisition. Most of the .panies were neglected from this great software facility. More precisely, these .panies were immune to this management tool. Nowadays, it is the most .monly used software. Even the small .panies prefer to use this software to hire desired candidates for them. So, let us see how this tool works? This software solves the issues regarding the optical character reorganization. You really do not need to worry about underlining, bolding, using italic or different colors in your resume. This software mostly extracts the data from different resumes. This information module is used to evaluate the applicant for desired position in the .pany. This resume management tool uses effective and efficient algorithms for scanning applicants resume. This algorithms helps to sort candidate, it is used to identify the information written in his resume and place it in an appropriate category following all standard rules of formatting. This software helps to extract the information such as candidates name, telephone number, address, qualification, work experience and other important information. All this information is stored to the HR database. This database can be PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP or any other applicant tracking system. Actually, candidate resume information is ranked by the HR or recruiters. This ranking is generally based on the amount of keywords present in the candidates resume. Apart from this, various parameters are used to evaluate the candidate. This may include Work experience, Last job work duration, percentage and other such criterias. Contextual and parametric search is now possible with advanced software for managing resumes. Older versions of this software were highly inappropriate for resume importation. This is because they lack the capability to parse and read the correct meaning from the sentences present in the resumes. It was very much simple and just used to verify the presence of keyword. It was not sufficiently expert for the different context. For example, the difference between job/127 and job127 was not recognized in older versions. Today, more advantageous softwares are available as resume parsing tool. You can no doubt, call them intelligent softwares. It is very much easy to use this software. As it is user friendly, you dont need to be search specialist. Its user interface will definitely make you familiar with it. This software will definitely help you to save your valuable time, consumed in lengthy interviews. Many HR management systems demand this software for resume management. It is the fastest method to manage your applicants. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: