Aetos U.S. bond yields rebounded suddenly prompted the fed to raise interest rates

AETOS: yields sudden rebound suggested the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates soon clients view the latest market after the start of the week after the crash yesterday, non US currencies are out of the shock consolidation trend. The euro against the dollar to continue to organize in 1.1280 and 1.1200 of the range of shock, the dollar against the yen short down, on the daily Bollinger rail supported by consolidation in the vicinity of 102.40, the pound sterling against the dollar rebounded to near 1.3250, the dollar intraday was blocking the lowest to the 95.10 line, after the consolidation in the vicinity of 95.30. From the date line, the sky before wearing the Bollinger rail, yesterday fell not breakdown, and get support, so the possibility of further upside. From 30 minutes to see the line, the dollar index temporarily below the rising channel down the track, so the possibility of short-term downward seek support. Investors should be careful not to blindly buy the dips, need to pay close attention to the euro yen pound against the dollar, we can decide what to do next. Although the dollar has continued the trend of consolidation for a long time, the possibility of a larger, so it can be on a daily or monthly line resistance and support admission, but to resolutely stop, because the trend of unilateral rise or fall after the break probability. Morgan Stanley analysis on next week’s FOMC meeting pointed out that this meeting may make the interest rate path prediction becomes shallow, that is to say the bitmap may be collective down, median to raise interest rates this year, 1 times, 2 times in 2017, 2018 3, 2019 4, eventually fell 2.875%. The forecast has been significantly lower than in June 2015, when the final forecast would fall to 3.75%. At that time the United States 30 year bond yields are still around 3.08, and now has dropped to $2.45%. This also reflects that the market has been constantly revised downward in the United States this year, long-term interest rates, long-term interest rates based on the current value of the securities also increased, such as stocks and other equity securities. If the bond market to bear, the rate of return from the historical low began to rise, then equity assets may go bear together. Selling U.S. debt and stocks generally lead to soaring gold prices, then the dollar may fall. However, the United States and the United States and the United States to bear the burden of debt fuse may be fed faster than the market expected rate of increase and intensity. As a result, the dollar fell and the U.S. interest rate hike may occur at the same time, contrary to the common sense that most investors hold. But this is not the case did not appear, such as the early 04 to the 07 quarter of, the U.S. benchmark interest rate rose to 5.25% from the end of the year, but the dollar index fell from 89.3 to $80. EURUSD in a period of time the euro zone economy seems to have further signs of recovery, but due to the refugee crisis, British retreat Europe and Greece’s debt problems are still not solved thoroughly, investors prospects for the euro area economy is full of suspicion. This Wednesday, the European Central Bank [micro-blog], Knot said that the current monetary policy intermediate target is flexible, if the European Central Bank still has the ability to develop new monetary tools to stimulate economic recovery in europe. And just before the first.相关的主题文章: