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Cooking-Tips There was a time when the word holidays had such a different meaning in my life. Holidays, both long and short used to be something which I looked forward to with eager anticipation. The short breaks such as bank holidays and special days meant that we would all go out as a family and have a picnic or just explore the countryside and have a pub lunch. The longer holidays were planned for and booked up way in advance, and we all knew how the time would be spent being lazy and catching up on reading and sleeping. Now that we are parents, things have changed to the extent that the word holiday now brings a sense of dread to our hearts, and holidays in the plural can almost cause an anxiety attack. Aside from the perpetual stress of how to keep the children occupied so that they do not get too bored is the added burden of having to feed them all the time. For some reason my kids will happily go to school on a light breakfast and will often bring back their lunch mostly untouched. However, in the holidays, they seem to be constantly hungry! I have gotten used to using free online coupons to stock up on snacks and other things in the battle to keep them fed, and I have found promo codes to be very useful for the purchase of various items of culinary delight. Thank heavens for my sous vide unit which I purchased using a promo code from Sous Vide Supreme Promo Code. Using this piece of kitchen equipment has managed to free up a little bit of time for me, since I can place things in it and then forget all about them for a while. A sous vide unit is basically a water bath in which prepared and sealed food is placed, where it cooks for a long time at a low consistent temperature. The resulting food is both moist and tender because it is not allowed to overcook and dry out. The food also retains all of the necessary vitamins and minerals because it is sealed and the nutrients are not lost or destroyed. Meats are so tender as to be falling off the bone and juicy too. Fish does not dry out and be.e unpalatable, as it can very easily do so cooking in the normal way. Many things can be cooked and I use my unit all the time for various items. In the holidays, it seems that there is always something cooking in some part of the kitchen, the unit, the hob or the oven. Requests .e in for breakfast and no one seems to want the same as the others, but this is the only time I pander to them. The rest of the meals are taken together and they all eat whatever is cooked that day, otherwise it seems as though I am always cooking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: